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No Destination, Thursday July 18th
FaceApp is scary; Facebook's regulation dodge; 72andSunny x ConCreates; Oscar Mayer Wienermobile x Airbnb; Tesla Roadster; Elon Musk's Neuralink; Egyptian 'bent' pyramid; Really Good Emails 2.0; AI Portraits; Nintendo Switch update; LadBible social audience; Twitter follow notifications.

Selected Links

Over 20 feared dead after explosion at Kyoto Animation studio, dozens injured,

China scrambles to stem manufacturing exodus as 50 companies leave,

Syncthing: An open source Dropbox replacement,

Christian family fined after arguing taxes 'against God's will',

Google and Facebook Are Quietly Tracking You on Sex Websites,

Is FaceApp an evil plot by 'the Russians' to steal your data? Not quite | Arwa Mahdawi,

Banking startup N26 raises another $170 million at $3.5 billion valuation,

Ex-Microsoft dev used test account to swipe $10m in store credits,

Gorillas have developed humanlike social structure, controversial study suggests,

Georgia Tech’s ant-sized micro-robots move through vibration,