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Lost In Yesterday, Wednesday February 19th
No 10 on Caroline Flack death; $10B Bezos Earth Fund; Tesla employee handbook leak; Twitter locks WikiLeaks; Adidas on WhatsApp; Complex x Parsons; Cannes Lions 'open for business'; Pentagon's UFO Program; Qanon 'Information Warfare'; Tesla teardown; Gondwana Link.

Selected Links

Twitter acquires Chroma Labs, which makes tools for video and photo creation, will split team across product, design, and engineering, shut down Chroma Stories,

Uncensored ADSB aircraft tracking network,

End torture and medical neglect of Julian Assange,

Heart doctors 'held back stent death data',

DARPA Wants Millions to Design an Unmanned 'Flying Gun' Under Its New Gunslinger,

New Data Backs Up Details in a Fatal 2018 Tesla Model X Crash,

Indian police open case against hundreds in Kashmir for using VPN,

TubeMogul execs launch Arize AI for AI troublehsooting,

Sources: Uber shuts down its customer support office in LA, laying off ~80 employees and outsourcing their jobs to a support office in Manila,

Perch, the Little CMS,