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Current Issue

Sun Bear, Thursday April 18th
Shorty Award winners; Grey Goose rebrand; digital-only Money Magazine; Apple x Earth Day; Hulu and Netflix x Fyre Festival; half price Facebook Portal; why the Instagram founders quit; Twitter acquihires Highly; Galaxy Fold issues; Assassin's Creed Notre Dame pledge; life without Google.

Selected Links

After Social Media Bans, Militant Groups Found Ways to Remain,

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep—and It’s Killing You,

Facebook's subtle disclosure about storing millions of Instagram passwords in plain text before a holiday weekend shows it has mastered the art of the news dump,

Sequoia reveals first cohort for its ‘Surge’ accelerator program in India and Southeast Asia,

US halts recent practice of disclosing nuclear weapon total,

Elon Musk’s Boring Company Inches Closer to Making Hyperloop a Reality,

Security flaw in French government messaging app exposed confidential conversations,

Learning Parser Combinators with Rust,

Austrian Government Seeks to Eliminate Internet Anonymity–With Severe Penalties,

Your family may be keeping you from getting to the hospital in time,