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Alt All In is a semi-automated newsletter serving marketing and technology links.

Selected Links

Urmila Mahadev, a UC Berkeley grad student, solves the fundamental problem of finding a protocol by which a classical computer can verify a quantum computation,

My Fiancé Jamal Khashoggi Was a Lonely Patriot,

40% of the American middle class face poverty in retirement, study concludes,

A look at how fascist activists discover their ideology on the internet, with 39 of the 75 individuals studied crediting content they found on YouTube,

Tether (USDT) price falling to $0.95,

Sears files for bankruptcy after years of turmoil,

Entrepreneur First, the company builder backed by Greylock, lands in Bangalore,

How I hacked modern Vending Machines,

God helmet,

Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work (2006) [pdf],


Yes, I am editing, which is why it is semi-automated. And yes, I do understand the scepticism around the notion of information these days, be it real or fake, but what I am culling is mainly double-ups of information as a lot of the sources end up reporting on the same things. See, the funny thing about information is, there’s never enough unique stuff going around.

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