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Anything New, Monday March 2nd
Elliott Management and Jack Dorsey; '2020 Astros Shame Tour'; Facebook Messenger ditches Discover; Yolo raises $8M; VCBrags hits a nerve; Aviation Gin and Leap Day '21-year-old'; Corona hits back; RIP Freeman Dyson; Citro├źn 'Ami'.

Selected Links

Astronomers Are Uncovering the Magnetic Soul of the Universe,

Stop microwaving library books to kill coronavirus:RFID tags burn and catch fire,

U.S. Billionaire Wealth Surged During the Pandemic,

Hong Kong: books by pro-democracy activists disappear from library shelves,

Place for Open and Interactive Mathematics,

Facebook makes education push in India,

With macOS 11 Big Sur, Apple seems to have lifted a ban on fun, allowing for an expressiveness in visual design that we haven't seen from it in almost a decade,

Social media backlash forces Trump to find new ways to spread his message,

How to Passcode Lock Any App on Your Phone,

A Startup Is Testing the Subscription Model for Search Engines,