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November 2017

Thursday November 30th
Jim Beam voice assistant; Samsung's 66-minute arthouse film; NBC fires Today anchor Matt Lauer; Facebook's new CAPTCHA test; introducing the new Snapchat; ETH hits $500; BuzzFeed plans job cuts; Jack Bogle: avoid Bitcoin like the plague.

Wednesday November 29th
Neymar x Serena Williams x Michael K. Williams x Beats by Dre; M&M Christmas sequel; RIP Uber; Bitcoin passes USD $10K; Brown University raising $120M; the Sideways Elevator; WeWork acquires Meetup; Facebook prototypes Messenger Broadcast.

Tuesday November 28th
Adweek 50; Meredith to Buy Time Inc.; BBDO marijuana strains; Firefox Quantum; VPN DNS leak test; Amazon recruits Indian merchants; Spaniards face ham shortage; Reid Hoffman on social media.

Monday November 27th
Fiona the Hippo; Pakistan blocks Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube; Snapchat x BMW; Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm; Firefox Quantum; Explainable AI; Simpson's Paradox and the Hot Hand in Basketball.

Fairies Wear Boots
Friday November 24th
Apple's holiday ad; Mindshare partners with Zilliqa; BTS breaks Twitter engagement; Department of Social Services breach; Twitter tests Bookmarks; flat-earther rocket; ProtonMail contacts; Lego's Facebook Messenger chatbot 'Ralph'; Elon Musk completes South Australian Powerpack.

Dirty Boots
Thursday November 23rd
Bud Light 'Dilly Dilly' ad; Unilever micro-influencers; Butterball's turkey emergency hotline; PayPal x Facebook Messenger; BMW x Snapchat 'try before you buy'; Battle for Net Neutrality; Uber concealed cyberattack, ransom; Apple acquires Vrvana; The Vanual.

Dirty Sheets
Wednesday November 22nd
WeTransfer's new ad; Amazon Advertising cheatsheet; Sensei Wu saves Santa; Kevin Systrom backs Monzo; Workplace by Facebook video chat; India's stepwells; Google will 'de-rank' RT articles; Tether critical announcement; the world's youngest self-made billionaire.

Clean Sheets
Tuesday November 21st
Heathrow holiday bears; McDonald's Christmas campaign; Conan O'Brien beats up fantasy cosplayers; Facebook removes 'delete post'; Malcolm Turnbull thunderstruck by AC/DC; Tina Brown is 'angry and upset'; Stephen Shore's Instagram posts; RIP Charles Manson; Adam Savage's tool bag.

Back In Black
Monday November 20th
Volvo orbits the Earth; Penske Media acquires Sourcing Journal; Ziff-Davis acquires Mashable; Dril gets doxxed; Artland social art market; Square worth more than Twitter; RIP Malcolm Young; Tesla Roadster; Norway oil stock exit idea; Motherboard hacking guide.

Friday November 17th
Macy's emotional holiday ad; Yuletide ride from Aardman and Clemenger BBDO; Richard Spencer loses Twitter verified status; Facebook's 'Trust Indicators'; Facebook's Russia problem; $450.3M Leonardo Da Vinci painting; Japanese train departs 20 seconds early.

Be Your Baby
Thursday November 16th
Cards Against Humanity buys Mexican land; Budweiser x Dale Earnhardt Jr; IBM's Bob Lord; Facebook Live is the new QVC; Tom Hanks on social media; Facebook open sources Open/R; Snapchat's new SportsCenter show; The Ringer: the 50 best superhero movies of all time.

Wednesday November 15th
Stove Top Thanksgiving pants; Cannes Lions overhaul; PlayStation x Star Wars; GDPR waiting game; Russian 'troll factory' tweets; Eko's 'That Moment When'; Harvard university loses to New York prison inmates; Ming-Chi Kuo on 2018 iPhones; Venezuela just defaulted.

Tuesday November 14th
Lowe's escape room; AdAge 'Best Places to Work 2017'; Linda Yaccarino; media evangelist; The Telegraph x Apple News; Stories to invade Facebook News Feed; Ewan McGregor narrates Cinderella; hackers claim to break Face ID; Bitcoin plunges 25%; TSA face recognition.

Up All Night
Monday November 13th
Droga5 x Christie's; Buster the Boxer; 'Twitter Verification'; Facebook relaunches Events app; fishy Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava; Alibaba sets Single's Day record; iPhone X UX nightmare; Jeff Bezos' guide to life.

The Future
Friday November 10th
Amazon's holiday ad; Pornhub made a song; Droga5 picks up IHOP; Sean Parker on social media; Snapchat redesign coming; Twitter pauses verification requests; Skyscanner acquires Twizoo; the Bitcoin bubble; Steven Soderbergh's 'Mosaic'; Wikileaks releases CIA 'Vault 8'.

The Update
Thursday November 9th

The Eagle
Wednesday November 8th

The Hammer
Tuesday November 7th

In The Doldrums
Monday November 6th

Friday November 3rd

Los Angeles
Thursday November 2nd

Knock Me Down
Wednesday November 1st