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January 2018

Waiting Room
Wednesday January 31st
Turn off Messenger Kids; Instagram organic scheduling; Twitter bot 'purge’; Tree planting drones; Nike avoiding taxes in Australia; RSPCA's 'The Surrender Portal’; Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage for Mountain Dew and Doritos; Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan team up.

Good Hold
Tuesday January 30th
Facebook's privacy principles; Old Spice in French; HBO's blazing joints; David Harbour for Tide; teen mental health deterioration pointing to screens; California turns on coffee; Why is loneliness toxic?; Elon Musk's flamethrower; 'bizarre' Federer ad slammed by fans.

Monday January 29th
Facebook and Google are a menace to society; The follower factory; Apple HomePod; First female celebrity Colonel Sanders; Ikea founder Kamprad passes away; billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal released; Cape Town is running out of water; 3,500 occult manuscripts will be digitised.

Tiny Dancer
Thursday January 25th
Facebook acquires; GoDaddy acquires Main Street Hub; ActivityPub; Ursula K. Le Guin passes away; a Chinese train station in nine hours; Keanu Reeves for Squarespace; Burger King explains net neutrality; M&C Saatchi opens in Indonesia; Qantas restructures executive team.

Pot Belly
Wednesday January 24th
Rupert Murdoch wants Facebook to pay publishers; Firefox 58; Netflix hits the $100B club; Twitter COO Anthony Noto resigns; Facebook invents a time unit; GIFs on Instagram; Life After Advertising; CUB launches in-house digital agency; Seven and Ultra Tune asked to pull ad.

Get Out
Tuesday January 23rd
Sudden iPhone X cancellation; China races ahead in gene-editing trials; Bitcoin's energy appetite; New Zealand startup launches a rocket; Facebook and democracy; selfie app Snow raises $50M; blockchain takes on ad fraud; influencer marketing moves in-house; Greenpeace leverages Minecraft.

Little Sally Walker
Monday January 22nd
Spotify gets into pet adoption; Die With Me chat app; heroin addiction in the U.S; Boris Johnson builds a bridge; Supreme Patty; Facebook to rank news sources by quality; Anna Faris pushes kind protein bars; a water called Liquid Death; Sportsbet busted; BBC Breakfast calls out Nine's Today Show.

Love Is a Battlefield
Friday January 19th
Nintendo Labo; 'text bomb' is latest Apple bug; Amazon HQ2 candidates; CS:GO hits Facebook; the meteoric rise of Meiji; Pornhub missile scare; Berlin mass transit Adidas; Getty visual trends.

The Headmaster Ritual
Thursday January 18th
The Awl ends; Bitcoin plunging; YouTube Partner Program tweaks; TWiT is suing Twitter; New York magazine open sources its CMS; Crinkling News set to close; Will Ferrell hijacks the Australian Open; TV channel Spike is no longer; Doritos and Mountain Dew join forces for the Super Bowl.

Wednesday January 17th
The Guardian redesigns; Aziz Ansari is guilty; cryptocurrencies are collapsing; bloated Facebook Messenger; Slate’s podcast revenue; Vice risks losing its cool; when News Corp journos do maths; HCF launches 'Profit Hungry' brand positioning.

Night and Day
Tuesday January 16th
243 free O'Reilly eBooks; Origins of the Sicilian Mafia; Hawaii missile alert was all bad UX; marketers are turning to sonic branding; influencer marketing in 2018; WeChat opens its closed ecosystem.

Green Eyes
Monday January 15th
Teenagers are better behaved these days; my joke cryptocurrency hit $2B; Chelsea Manning to run for U.S. Senate; Snapchat's big redesign bashed; Facebook's nuclear bomb; KFC is now accepting Bitcoin; Asahi appoints The Monkeys Melbourne; Mike Tyson helps out Ultra Tune.

Head On
Friday January 12th
Two suns? MoneyGram to work with Ripple; deep thinking dolphins; Is Ello finally the new Instagram? Marlin Equity Partners acquires Talkwalker; Chuck Johnson's Twitter free speech suit; the Ikea ad that you pee on; YouTube drops Logan Paul; the most disturbing booth at CES.

Thursday January 11th
Hitchhiking robot found decapitated; Snow in the Sahara; 'The Good War'; a gym chain is banning cable news; Warren Buffett calls Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies; Japanese nursing-care robots; cat cafes?; airlines upping their social media game; Facebook is emphasising Groups.

Step Outside
Wednesday January 10th
A stealth bomber over the rose bowl; Marvel Developer API: Google memo author sues; Twilight of the Winterkeepers; Terry Davis is now homeless; Western Digital My Cloud backdoor; the new Google Search Console; Facebook's M Is Dead; Ziggy Stardust and Digital Media's Emotional Void.

Back To The Lake
Tuesday January 9th
Goodbye iPod; the 'Sanskrit Effect'; GoPro quits drones; the Woolwich Foot Tunnel Anomaly; exercise alters our microbiome; Telegram to launch Telegram Open Network; how Volkswagen is using AI; Winona Ryder's haircare ad; GDPR is coming.

Range Life
Monday January 8th
Mount St. Helens is rumbling again; Silicon Valley $60 'raw water'; Corporate B.S. Generator; Sarah Silverman's response; an illustration of Web Developer tools in 2018; Australia's first electric passenger plane; 'Why Am I So Lazy?'; Correction of the Year.