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October 2018

You Make No Sense
Wednesday October 31st
Facebook open-sources; Elon Musk confuses; tweet length; 25 new Snapchat Shows; is Facebook still growing?; Havas picks up Puma; Goxip raises $1.4M; Super Deluxe's: The Passage; 60% of animals wiped out; octopus garden; Americans with old phones; organisms in a state of quantum entanglement.

Full Control
Tuesday October 30th
IBM to buy RedHat for $34B; Twitter to remove 'likes'; Facebook and Google face new taxes; Instagram beyond Systrom; inside Indonesia's 'war room'; neo-Nazis and extremists on Gab; Fidelity launches crypto products; Australian preppers; U.S. secretly halted JPMorgan's growth.

Monday October 29th
Netflix buys Snapchat?; Facebook removes Iranian network; Paypal bans Gab; the '8th Wonder' debated; Michael Jordan on the 'greatest ever'; marketers: 'we have a problem'; US election system vulnerabilities; Time Traveler by Merriam-Webster; Guns in America.

A Strange Day
Friday October 26th
Facebook 'glasses'; Google Maps 'Follow' feature; profitable Twitter; Instagram 'digital kidnappers'; SodaStream 'Holy Turtle'; Darius Miles profile; Apple blocked GrayKey; Tesla profitable;; Eugene Shoemaker; Jane Wong profile; VMLY&R in Asia.

Sleigh Ride
Thursday October 25th
MySpace reborn!; Snapchat votes; Facebook Ad Archive report; Twitter 'conversations'; Omnicom picks up Mercedes-Benz; Hearst yoga mat; Samsung on the blockchain; The Atlantic on YouTube; weed on social; Apple and Samsung fined; China's hidden camps; Phrack Magazine.

On An Edge
Wednesday October 24th
Soundcloud and Instagram; Twitter removes Infowars and Alex Jones; teens: Instagram over Snapchat; Snapchat dysmorphia; hybrid talents; Planters' Mr. IPA-Nut; Gen Alpha is here (mostly) SPENT: poverty simulator; rectangular iceberg; plastic poop; YouTuber politicians.

The Page
Monday October 22nd
Facebook hires Nick Clegg; Saudis' troll army and Twitter insider; 'Hunt For False News' debunk blog; RIP Super Deluxe; The 'original' Hemsworth brother; oral history of Balthazar; not exercising worse than smoking; 'regarding your stupid complaint'.

Less Unless
Friday October 19th
Official: 9M tweets; annotations in Moments; Facebook video suit; who owns WhatsApp?; Lenny Letter shutters; this is 'Brandweek'; P&G wants retailers' customer data; Jamal Khashoggi: free expression; table salt microplastics; Bill Gates on Paul Allen.

Thursday October 18th
Facebook down ranks 'stolen content'; LadBible takes UniLad; Twitter releases 10M tweets; 'Amazon is Google in 2008'; Adobe AI; The New York Times and Scribd; the etiquette of iPad tipping; Uber and Lyft I.P.O.s; why white supremacists are chugging milk.

The Flower Lane
Wednesday October 17th
Facebook Ripley; social media bot survey; Facebook to ban 'misinformation'; 'freaky' Twitter notifications; Facebook not 'awesome'; advertising in the blockchain; BuzzFeed homewares; RIP Paul Allen; Donald Daters leak; Who Paid 99 cents?; 'fixed' bagel emoji.

Tuesday October 16th
Instagram's harassment problem; FBI investigates Facebook; politics: Google right, Facebook and Twitter left; Alibaba product design; banks and the physical branch; Sears files for bankruptcy; UK leftwing groups infiltrated; the making of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Swap Meat
Monday October 15th
Twitter breaks GDPR; Russians scraping Facebook; Snapchat cat lenses; Instagram versus photography; Walmart acquires Brand Bare; Tide returns for Thursday Night Football; Vodafone backtracks; Carlsberg glues beer cans together; 45 is the magic startup number.

Moving Out
Friday October 12th
DoNotPay updates; Facebook 3D photos; 250-person Facebook group chats; United Airlines taps Carat; Wayfair for Magic Leap; climate genocide is coming; the next recession; $13B wiped off of crypto; Jaron Lanier: 'delete your account now'.

New Lands
Thursday October 11th
Snap Originals; Twitter Moments: desktop exclusive; Rappler struggling to 'clean up Facebook's mess'; American Express to UM; brands co-opting Banksy; Droga5 for Amazon; Wu-Tang in space; Pentagram's secret; Mexico-California border tunnel; Dive into Python.

Romantic Rights
Wednesday October 10th
Uber UK strike; Instagram 2FA; Facebook Workplace feed; 'God Friended Me'; Meredith: IGTV; McDonald's 'fry art'; Barbie adds Doctor Who and Dana Scully; the Trust Project; Intel appoints Dentsu; IRL glasses: 'The Live'; U.S. Telecom in Supermicro hack; 44 siblings and counting.

Fine Time
Tuesday October 9th
Facebook launches Portal; Foursquare raises $33M; Google+ shutters; Ford drops new agency model; the Chief Collaboration Officer; the planet is cooked; viral 'manspreading' video; Neanderthals: deep in human DNA; SpaceX lands Falcon 9 at Vandenberg.

Talking Straight
Monday October 8th
Snapchat memo; Instagram location sharing; Facebook Pixel cookies; Publicis takes $1.5BN GSK account; New York Zombies; TGI Fridays 'data lake'; Google DoubleClick ID; self-destructing Banksy; Wikipedia bans Breitbart; 8-year-old finds 1,500-year-old sword.

Changing Colours
Friday October 5th
Nintendo Switch; BrainNet; Facebook Nearby Friends; Instagram QR Nametags; Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon merge; China motherboard hacks; CNN Business; Ikea's 'Pee Ad'; 'Siri I'm getting pulled over'; 'distracted boyfriend meme'; stretching is mostly hype; Hulu: the OTT ad giant.

Long Socks
Thursday October 4th
Facebook login?; Instagram down; Google and Facebook fight Australia's encryption bill; DuPont logo update; print is back; PayPal sponsors the Phoenix Suns; WPP bets on Amazon services; presidential alerts; the ugly produce movement; Design Sprint Kit by Google.

Up North Trip
Wednesday October 3rd
Facebook hit with $1.63B fine; Vertical Networks; Apple's pitch to publishers; Reddit: 1B video views; advertisers and robots; Facebook Premieres; Amazon minimum wage; Petal redesign; cops using Face ID; China censors; a Tesla mystery.

Hold Tight
Tuesday October 2nd
Instagram penthouse; Adam Mosseri to head up Instagram; the anti-Netflix; a new face on weed; Nike's $6B campaign: big creative; an inside look at MedMen; Amazon popup shops; Shiru Cafe; voice phishing scams; 'they want us to be robots'; US mid-terms: hacks; Kosher bacon?