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November 2018

The River
Friday November 30th
Facebook data charges; Cambridge Analytica weaponised users; European marketers on Facebook; Fearless Girl on the move; Anomaly picks up; Big Mouth Billy Bass; Food52 streams on Xumo; mitochondrial DNA; Dublin’s housing crisis; Deutsche Bank searched; PHP Sadness.

Sun God
Thursday November 29th
Instagram tools for visually impaired; Predictim revoked; empty chair for Zucks; LA Rams on social; Kellogg's on influencer fraud; TikTok is hot; what's next for WPP?; Roku's walled garden; Japan house giveaway; Sennheiser root certificates; Silicon Valley's Flying Saucer Man.

Wednesday November 28th
Messenger borked; Business Manager borked; Watch Party for all; #HockeyTwitter; brands and beer; Complex Networks' Hot Ones; Stink Studios; Wish: 'a channel from China'; Jack Ma: communist; parachuting beavers; the insect apocalypse; Bitcoin plunges again; WWF report: planet cooked.

Half Moon
Tuesday November 27th
Wunderman Thompson; Google PageRank not dead; 'Facebook nation' memo; inside MightyHive; NYXL profile; cognitive technology: emotional data; consumer data control; beyond Tmall; 'built by China'; birds and ants; 'the greatest sales deck'; the World Ploughing Championships; Lenny chatbot.

Hair Cutter
Monday November 26th
China blacklists citizens; UK parliament seizes documents; LinkedIn violates; Predictim pressures; Instagram architects; Facebook: the new Yahoo?; anti-vac chickenpox outbreak; the palm oil catastrophe; Black Friday human costs; nose breathing; CPAP spying; the Devil's hair dryer.

Stuck In The Changer
Friday November 23rd
Turnbull anti-Abbott; Business Manager borked; Instagram profile tweaks; Instagram ad approvals; Facebook tipping point; Thanksgiving migrant caravan; 10% of Swedes using cash; floppy disks in space; the Google Cemetery; mystery New York font; crypto keeps sliding.

Thursday November 22nd
Chairman Zucks; Twitter execs 'blindsided'; 'Your Time on Facebook'; LinkedIn equals Snapchat; Omnicom wins $4B Army Contract; The Rec League; Comedy Central redesigns; Shaq and Zappos; wombat poop; six-camera Galaxy S Phone; gig economy gamification; tracking Beijing.

Half A Person
Wednesday November 21st
Social media breakup; Russia trolls Australia Twitter; tech stocks decline; Snapchat Spectacles 3; amoral Facebook advertisers; Dunkin' mocks with 'Cappu-chinos'; Bank of America logo; ThirdLove open letter; Quartz AI Studio; crypto fallout; Incredibles 2 art; Bitcoin-rigging probe.

Shake Appeal
Tuesday November 20th
Real Facebook hours; BuzzFeed merge; Instagram and Amazon ad buying; AI driven Lexus ad; iHeartMedia acquires ad-tech startup; Marriott branded video series; Office Depot co-working spaces; Michael Bloomberg gives $1.8B; China hacks; CSS Tricks; VOI Technology raises $50M; Uber Germany.

Plead The Fifth
Monday November 19th
Advertisers react to Facebook report; Definers' tactics; Zucks defends; hackers stealing Instagram accounts; Russian Bitcoin scams; Tony Hawk's creative agency; Coca-Cola's 25-year-old Polar Bears; Reddit's roadshow; rare microbes; Amazon disrupts affordable housing; GoFundMe campaign a scam.

No Waves
Friday November 16th
Facebook at war; quitting Instagram; Messenger Unsend; the LinkedIn social network; Bayer media; Mercedes-Benz hits the Super Bowl; Fremantle scripted podcasts; $48,000 per Amazon HQ job; Japan's Cybersecurity Minister: no computer; massive Greenland crater; Fastbrick robot;

California Girls
Thursday November 15th
Snap misled; the 'Facebook of China' sells; Facebook: last week's takedown; vape posts; Google My Business revamp; how the Flyers created Gritty; 'timeless' Big Mac ads; MTV revives Spring Break; Venezuela tracking; Google releases Night Sight; iPad Pro magnets; an FDA for algorithms?

Stay With Me
Wednesday November 14th
Airbnb ends forced arbitration; Facebook partner data; Snapchat launches Bitmoji merch and Friendship Profiles; RIP Stan Lee; Jonah Hill for Oculus; Defy Media off YouTube; Ikea Christmas spot; KFC poultry showdown; UK and EU 'Brexit text'; Pokémon Detective Pikachu; Google's Web.Dev portal; Google

Tuesday November 13th
Qualtrics sells for $8B; WhatsApp ads; Twitter: followers don't count; Facebook fired Trump supporter; the post-Facebook era; cheap Snapchat AR ads; Alibaba rings up $30.8B; Sainsbury's Christmas ad; corporate 7-Eleven raids; NCSA Mosaic 1.0; economic 'bigness'; the Instagrammers next door.

So What
Monday November 12th
Facebook Lasso; Donna Zuckerberg on social media; Latinx Twitter?; Facebook Portal reviews; kids fact-check for Spark; 11.11 is here; Havas parts with Jason Peterson; Yellowtail Super Bowl; Tumblr still valuable; the Hoba meteorite; world's first AI news anchor; VW Tesla rival.

Slow Hands
Friday November 9th
Facebook Portal drops; Facebook Dating: Canada and Thailand; a pooping unicorn; Anna Wintour on Serena Williams; 21st century Victorians; dead pimp elected; Samsung foldable phone; Brian Kemp doxes voters; the making of an opioid epidemic; scientists in congress.

Thursday November 8th
Messenger: delete messages; Russian trolls; PressLogic raises $10M; programmatic VR; IBM pays $34B Red Hat; Lululemon founder on entrepreneurship; Save the Children fundraiser; America's polarised landscape; 'safe' nuclear; Red Dead Redemption 2 criticised; the Bill Gates toilet.

Wednesday November 7th
Facebook on Myanmar, election update, EU data watchdog; Gab back online; Twitter: Elon Musk impersonator; $125M crypto giveaway; Goyard doesn't advertise; Canon influencers; Toyota ad blockchain; Fearless Girl: #FearfulGirl; Swedes inserting microchips; VoteWithMe and OutVote.

Tuesday November 6th
Uber free rides; Facebook popup store; Apple's social network; welcome to #Hustletown; Walmart VR; client-agency crawl back?; gift-giving transparency; FDA approves 'super' painkiller; Outvote; deepfake-busting apps; Los Angeles Rams on social.

Monday November 5th
Facebook PMs for sale; Twitter sorry for trending topic; TikTok surpasses in downloads; Burger King car crashes; Vox Media's Recode roll-up; Crunchyroll crosses 2M subs; 'gardening while black'; Copenhagen's Cycle Snake; companies using CLV scores; fans angry about Diablo Immortal.

Take Me Out
Friday November 2nd
Google Walkout; Facebook junk news; Twitter #BeAVoter; Super Smash Bros. social; Facebook 'hazardous content' list; ad loads rise in the US; Entertainment Data Oracle raises $12M; programmatic ad rates are rising; the oceans are cooked; Stockholm says no to Apple.

Brown Paper Bag
Thursday November 1st
Snapchat sues influencer; Twitter switch; Google vs. Facebook vs. Microsoft; Reese's Halloween vending machine; Skittles trick-or-treating house; faux influencers; Mediahub picks up Dropbox; where Brexit hurts; pencils are yellow; 'ghost kanji'; Hansjörg Wyss donates $1B.