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December 2018

A Marshmallow World
Monday December 24th
WhatsApp crypto; Facebook scandal timeline; social media an 'existential threat'; Blind server exposed; Fortnite hangout; Caribou Coffee breach; Culture Trip original series; What Is Glitter?; Mars Express gets festive; PewDiePie's battle; Fortune Magazine sells; media buyers with 'PTSD'.

Not Fazed
Friday December 21st
Kashmir Hill on 'data arrangement'; Facebook’s Messaging Partnerships; ByteDance sues; Instabrag humbug; remembering Colin Kroll; Shopify partner ecosystem; Kraft emergency grilled cheese; Oath never stood a chance; Bank of America brand safety; Gatwick airport drone shutdown; bent iPad Pros.

Ripped Knees
Thursday December 20th
Snapchat takes on TikTok; internal Facebook documents; Sprout Social raises $40.5M; NASA data breach; Macaulay Culkin is Home Alone; Anomaly picks up Petco; Lucidchart's Animal Explainers; Jack Ma: US wasted trillions; Shanghai City in 195 gigapixels; Google Tech Dev Guide; Nvidia AI faces.

Pull The Cup
Wednesday December 19th
Twitter 'sparkle button'; Russian memes; NAACP returns donation; Nate Silver vs. Nassim Taleb; YouGov acquires Portent.IO; the Snapchat movie; Lil Jon and Kool-Aid Man; Popeyes 'support chicken'; Google News Initiative; AdAge 2019 not-hot list; M&Ms at the Super Bowl; Carlton Banks sues Fortnite.

Tuesday December 18th
Twitter meme malware; Walt Mossberg quits Facebook; TikTok is huge; IRA on Instagram; Orangetheory pop-up gyms; 7.8M YouTube videos removed; Schibsted profile; $9T corporate debt bomb; giant mushrooms; why design thinking works; HyperLogLog in Presto; Donald Knuth profile; Starbucks gets immersive.

Night Tripper
Monday December 17th
Facebook photo bug; MindGeek profile; GraphQL grows; Tumblr's back; pushy Instagram; Postmates robots; Amazon's Fire TV ad pitch; Trojan Man soundtrack; 2018 streaming's output; WestJet's real-time giving; parrot uses Alexa; RIP Colin Kroll; Dr. Elon and Mr. Musk; Boeing 737 hits drone.

Shine Like Stars
Friday December 14th
Facebook fact-checking; Twitter user data; GraphQL; Accenture buys Adaptly; Adweek's 25 best ads of 2018; Greenpeace 'handmade'; Lyft: 'driving sucks'; GOAT, Stockx and Stadium Goods talk sneakers; Samsung headphone jack; YouTube's Rewind dislikes; Ivanka Trump's $58k weekend.

Homeward Found
Thursday December 13th
Facebook bomb threat; Ciroc Vodka and the FTC; Snapchat body image; ZeniMax settles; publisher product managers; WPP breaks tradition; Deep Ellum Denim; Complex, Dotdash and Group Nine on sustainable media; White Ops PSA; 'Subtle Asian Traits'; the Brexit Short; Amazon NYC union; Microsoft Edge.

We Dance
Wednesday December 12th
Facebook search ads; ghosting Snapchat; Facebook Group Stories now global; WPP to cut 3,500 jobs; Time Person of the Year; 2019 streaming video wars; Burger King versus McDonald's; Hulu private marketplace; Samsung x fake Supreme; John Romero: SIGIL; Philly DA's side hustle; Amazon chips.

No One Else
Tuesday December 11th
Google+ data leak; Instagram walkie-talkie; Jack Dorsey: tone deaf; First Media joins Snapchat; 'GDPR is not done'; Iceland Foods skates; 'transparency is a slippery thing'; WTF is ATSC 3.0?; Citibank's content strategy; bye bye Voyager 2; Patreon purging 'far-right'; Verizon to layoff 10,400.

Monday December 10th
Tumblr exodus: Pillowfort and Dreamwidth; dinner with Sandberg; ByteDance raises $1.45B; Facebook share buyback; Pantone picks 'Living Coral'; Marlboro-maker's stake in cannabis company; Marshawn Lynch on phones; B/R Kicks business; Experian's in-house agency; the CRISPR baby scandal.

Cool It Down
Thursday December 6th
Facebook data access; The Creepy Line; Rudy Giuliani Twitter typo; trolling Fashion Week and TripAdvisor; Mrs. Claus works for Google; MedMen profile; 'Unboxing the Truth'; Firefox ProtonVPN; thieves boosting fobs; Uber Crash; DuckDuckGo Google study; Tom Cruise on 'soap opera effect'.

Living It Out
Wednesday December 5th
YouTube top earners; Tumblr: 'it was a safe space'; Google and Facebook really suppressing?; Facebook Collections sharing; Burger King trolls McDonald's; P&G HairCode; Toyota and Kia hit the Super Bowl; the Squatty Potty; Microsoft and Chromium; CSS Resets in 2018; Nvidia's AI.

Crown Of Love
Tuesday December 4th
Tumblr: no nudes; TikTok brings the fun; Amazon is a 'bully'; Instagram 'sitters'; AdWeek global agency: TBWA; no 'news for millennials'; brands and futurists; the 'CASE' for marketing; Wall Street #MeToo; AlphaFold; Bitcoin death spiral; Samsung tweets from iPhone; Optician Sans.

Big Me
Monday December 3rd
Marriott hack hits 500M; Buffy on Watch; Instagram Close Friends; Definers research; SoulCycle profile; PewDiePie printer hack; 'Palessi' stitch up; Intel shutters 'Agency Inside'; Walmart mental health; WeWork x National Geographic; George H.W. Bush profile; Grindr president on marriage.