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February 2018

Drive Blind
Wednesday February 28th
Human AppleCare; Outbrain's Sphere; no Bitcoin for 50 Cent; Instagram alternative Vero; Berkshire Hathaway 2017; Facebook's Local News Subscriptions Accelerator; YouTube's brand-safety efforts; Rakuten Coin; brands pivot to poetry; SBS World News' smashed avo.

Dirty Jeans
Tuesday February 27th
Nokia 8110 returns; no #SpartieParty; Hong Kong gets IAB chapter; Uber, Lyft congest cities; lost art of bending over; one-stop Live Nation; McDonald's new 'Serial'-style podcast; Samsung Galaxy S9; Rebel Wilson defamation rebellion; women in cryptocurrencies.

Monday February 26th
'FCK, we're sorry'; Droga5 loses 5%; Kylie Jenner wipes $1.3b off Snapchat; NRA loses major clients; 'Crisis Actor' posts pervasive; Twitter rights off SoundCloud loss; InfoWars hit with YouTube strike one; Trump campaign mastered FB custom and lookalike audiences.

Egg Man
Friday February 23rd
Agencies blame clients for inefficiencies; SpaceX satellites; declining Facebook; buys Komfo; Snapchat's e-commerce strategy; agencies blame clients for inefficiencies; Facebook loopholes; 2 Chainz hypes MLS.

Thursday February 22nd
Kevin the Carrot; 'Fox Nation'; Google AI Residency; human versus door-opening robot; Picasso at it again; Canadian persistent hum; BlackBerry refuses to give up; I Quit Sugar quits; Spinach RBA; Fairfax profits tumble 54%.

Coast To Coast
Wednesday February 21st
Facebook executive's tweetstorm; Russian 'bot' army, again; how Twitter lost the Internet war; Coty’s beauty brand Younique; the pivot to paid news; Tinder unleashes a Bollywood-Inspired adventure; the BOM apologises for scam ad; Snap downgraded to 'sell'; the NT appoints The Royals.

The Rat
Tuesday February 20th
'I like guns'; MediaCom rebounds; the bullying problem at agencies; Twitch expands into Europe; why decentralisation matters; Domain reports $3.4m loss; Boring Company for NYC-D.C. Hyperloop; weak men are superweapons; Nike showcases Snapchat commerce; 'the mess at Meetup'.

We Care A Lot
Monday February 19th
Facebook subscriptions?; Diet Pepsi goes all-in; Facebook has peaked; Snapchat redesign is here to stay; Inside the Russian troll farm; ABC pulls corporate tax analysis; Mamamia launches e-commerce platform; advertisers must keep up with cord-cutters; giant match sphere.

All That Glitters
Friday February 16th
SXSW is cooked; Peter Thiel is cooked; the Furby Organ; Facebook hackers gaming video; women leading New York's legacy agencies; Australian magazines ad bookings decline; Google using search to push AMP; Snapchat petition hits one million; 'Bachelor In Paradise'.

Well I Wonder
Thursday February 15th
7 Influencers on a boat; Twitter downplays acquisition; public WiFi a public health hazard; make a list on Facebook; Vimeo goes livestream; Nine ramps up data proposition; brand love has to go beyond algorithms; The Royals and BrandHook launch 'Polly'; when buzzwords attack.

Dry The Rain
Wednesday February 14th
Google's new AMP stories; a robot opens a door; 2018 Gates Note; Apple's software problem; YouTube CEO to Facebook: 'get back to baby pictures'; the digital media reckoning; McDonald's 'Bling Mac' ring; US arms company Remington bankrupt; Fearless Girl on the move.

Sedan Magic
Tuesday February 13th
Facebook Gen Z audience slipping; Snap Maps online; Unilever warns social media; inside Facebook's hellish two years; Facebook’s new branded-content guidelines; Old Spice for Valentine's Day; China leads global battery race; Ten boss resigns; the rise and fall of Ben Ean Moselle.

My Stride
Monday February 12th
Facebook confirms test of "downvote" button; 'Sinking' Pacific nation; Oxford comma dispute; Chinese police deploy mobile facial-recognition units; Intel's 1,200 choreographed drones; it's the end of agencies as we know it; copyright law holding back Australian creators.

Hurried Bloom
Friday February 9th
Twitter posts first real profit; Kevin Hart on Goat Yoga; Google is buying Chelsea Market; Starman has gone dark; Apple files DMCA notice; Facebook is killing comedy; custom Snapchat lenses; life after Fairfax; '26 friends' Facebook rumour a hoax; inbox nirvana.

Come Together
Thursday February 8th
SpaceX overshoots Mars; animals can count; air pollution in London exceeds Beijing; cryptocurrencies to hit zero; 170 million+ interactions for Super Bowl LII; Twitter and Pornhub ban 'deepfake'; 50 groovy years of the Big Mac; Mercedes-Benz offends China.

Nearly Lost You
Wednesday February 7th
McDonald's fries may cure baldness; mutant crayfish clones; Bitcoin falls below $6,000; Instagram 'Collection' Ads; Patreon's Snapchat clone; Tide Wins the Super Clio; Brands struggle to think beyond the hashtag; ComScore appoints Beyond Intent; Lenovo and Huawei top China brands.

Tuesday February 6th
Centre for Humane Technology; Equifax probe on ice; Intel's smart glasses; Facebook users drops for the first time in US; Facebook CEO speaks of 'mistakes'; that Crocodile Dundee reboot; a whole lot of Super Bowl ads; Kyle & Jackie O's 'banal' radio show.

Fly Like An Eagle
Monday February 5th
CP+B fires CCO; Droga5 fires CCO; Amazon’s ad business up 60%; replacements for Facebook News Feed; Dow plunges 666 points; Bryan Ferry on Roxy Music; dancing mania; stealing from self-checkouts; Pras launches media platform; Foxtel pushes its sports credentials.

Freak Scene
Friday February 2nd
Toy guns; how to not die in America; cancer 'vaccine'; Steven Tyler travels back in time; cats have insane conspiracy theories; have Super Bowl commercials lost their magic?; New York magazine pivots membership program; Heritage bank puts 'cats first'; Kochie-free Sunrise.

Thursday February 1st
Nutella 'riots'; Droga5 CCO investigated; Keanu Reeves surfs a motorcycle; Twitter followers vanish; Instagram: give users a chronological timeline; Maisie Williams launches Daisie; Ex-Apple execs launch Caffeine; publishers eye push notifications; Droga5 NYC behind 'Dundee' campaign.