Alt All In

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March 2018

Friday March 23rd
Facebook everything; Drop Dropbox; Section 230; Instagram algorithm; regulating Facebook; YouTube bans firearms; John Dowd resigns; killing Tex-Mex; inside the Super Mario Bros movie; Taco Bell sauce-flavoured chips; 'the Case Against Facebook'; Boxed is betting on a humans.

Thursday March 22nd
WhatsApp co-founder: #DeleteFacebook; Zuck and Sandberg M.I.A; Stem cell 'game changer'; Netflix's custom font; Kia converts through chatbot; non-Christian Europe; Dumb Ways to Die 3; YouTube 'Go Live'; Walmart acquires; agencies' brand-safety concerns.

Sleep Sound
Wednesday March 21st
Facebook 'utterly horrifying'; Keyboard Cat passes; 'Where's Zuck?'; last white rhino passes; Cheddar raises $22M; Meltwater acquires DataSift; Alec Baldwin narrates; digital and the CCO; Heinz guilty; Notion 2.0; publishers tracking customer lifetime value; Deloitte promotes diversity.

Freak Train
Tuesday March 20th
Facebook failing; self-driving Uber car kills; Netflix's deal terms; grain of salt computer; only 20% of retailers using Amazon ads; Apple's high school number; Nine's Stefanovic brothers unload; Pitchfork Music Festival; Apple to build its own screens; UK Snapchat overtakes Twitter ad revenue.

Make Room
Monday March 19th
Facebook vs. Cambridge Analytica; Snapchat sinks; Nike reshuffles; McDonald's green rainbow; Astronaut DNA 'fake news'; Nova launches Goat; Steve the Northern Light; "repair cafes"; 100 days at Buzzfeed; ASTRA bans gambling ads; Guvera back in court; population bomb defused.

Wake Up
Friday March 16th
Amazon courting ad buyers; Facebook Instant Games and Express Wi-Fi; Toys R Us pulls out; Hootsuite growing; Astronaut DNA; iHeartMedia bankrupt; marketing cannabis brands; Deliveroo unveils edible billboard; Theranos lies; poking black holes.

Dirty Trip
Thursday March 15th
Reddit fixes Facebook; VW shocks Tesla; Facebook bans Britain First; Stephen Hawking; Elon Musk poaching The Onion; raises $14M; Instagram isn't killing the algorithm; advertising player development; Google News perks publishers; The Monkeys for UNICEF.

Wednesday March 14th
Flying taxis; expensive Australian Facebook ads; Instagram bots; Qualcomm/Broadcom merger blocked; Artland closes $1M seed; Reuters' robot writer; hybrid agencies; travel sector disruption; UN blames Facebook; CEO: the chief editorial officer; Burger King staged a car fire.

Letter Of Intent
Tuesday March 13th
'Time's Up Advertising'; publishers look to Pinterest; Coles going 'Down Down'; 5G-powered smart cities; Musk and Trump biff; MLS for Twitter; Tim Berners-Lee on the 'weaponised' web; Black Panther "too black"; skinny pot smokers; the library of Norman Mailer.

The Blend
Monday March 12th
Obama for Netflix; Snapchat removes Giphy; Facebook back into music; Falcon Heavy and Starman; Holden recruits Celeste Barber; Westworld activation at SXSW; life after advertising; Vimeo bringing films to life; Buzzfeed into programmatic advertising; robot smashes Rubik's Cube record.

Friday March 9th
Snapchat mentions; Facebook's 'Credit Her'; Alexa loses it; Reddit talks to publishers; no hugs; 'Millenials to Snake People'; Ichiro Suzuki; cosmic rays; Facebook versus online sketch comedy; Ruby replaces Delphi; 'Make TV more like digital TV'.

Feelings Gone
Thursday March 8th
23andMe genetic test; Coinbase index fund; BlackBerry sues; Facebook ad costs spike; Facebook ad costs don't spike; NME culls print mag; Fishbrain raises $13.5M; 'Secret Family Recipes'; kids on the gender pay gap; is voice living up to its hype?; Crikey launches crowdfunding campaign.

Wednesday March 7th
Instagram "Portrait"; Facebook's "Trip Consideration"; US$1 billion Foxtel write down; Ethereum's holes; Microsoft's "boomerang employees"; Bumble bans firearms; Oscars audience down; Gen Z parents; Vegemite drops JWT; radio returns 12x; OpenTable caught in scam; rewriting Indian history.

Hero Theme
Tuesday March 6th
Facebook's brand-safe video; Twitter's Oscars ad; Highsnobiety's e-commerce play; Honda's performance ads; Silicon Valley is over; Apple's glass walls; Glamour buys the Weinstein Company; Brooklyn BBQ; News Corp launches Kids News; objections to .au TLD; Conor McGregor for Burger King.

Memory Lane
Monday March 5th
Instagram voice calling?; Facebook calls out publishers; McDonald's crops its arches; Manna crypto; sustainable lego; fibre is good, bacon is bad; are you a pyromaniac?; Bleacher Report eyes football; Facebook ending News Feed 'experiment'; Pac Mags' Jackie Frank resigns.

Friday March 2nd
YouTube moderates; life after Pablo; 1.3Tbs DDoS hits GitHub; Facebook's "Cat and Mouse Game"; WPP reports 14.6% gender pay gap; McDonald's 'Go Full Summer' ad cleared; Nissan on #SheDrives push; banner ad chatbot; Porsche electric car; China bans Winnie the Pooh.

New Forms
Thursday March 1st
Facebook jobs; Twitter bookmarks; Amazon buys Ring; sealioning; LittleThings shuts down; ad agency culture problems; 'where are the boss ladies?'; KFC FCKs, again; Tokyo 2020 mascots; Windows on a blackboard; ABC admits mistakes.