Alt All In

Alt All In is a semi-automated newsletter serving marketing and technology links.

April 2018

Thursday April 26th
Gmail updates; Facebook revenue surges; Twitter profits; China 'Social Credit Score'; electric buses; Eastern European dumplings; Incel, the misogynist ideology; Ethereum sharding FAQ; Netflix is the future of film; Nginx-1.14.0; Android water gun emoji; beyond loyalty points.

Bathed In Grey
Tuesday April 24th
Missing Facebook data; YouTube shadows; Twitter bans Kaspersky; vegan sneakers; how VC ate Toys 'R' Us; China buying into Europe; California's water whiplash; Ogilvy unveils 'USA 2.0'; the agencies move slow'; NYT appoints WeThinkMedia; Monash University launches Sip Safe.

Tuna Taco
Monday April 23rd
Google data; 'A World Without Facebook'; SmugMug acquires Flickr; creative drunk people; hand-held CNC machine; War on Rats; Facebook's Campbell Brown; 4/20 roundup; Crypto: 'Burn It with Fire'; Coinbase blocks WikiLeaks; '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

Wandering Star
Friday April 20th
Facebook back to the US; Scuttlebutt; Facebook AI chip; Inc. 30 Under 30;Amazon worker's median pay; Palantir knows everything; Savedroid back online; Under Armour and The Rock; Amazon Alexa agency plan; Facebook API gone; Netflix movie theatres; Minds; the anti-Facebook.

Brick Is Red
Thursday April 19th
Facebook opt-in; GDPR is coming; Elon Musk memo; Google's New AI head; Facebook Container for Firefox; Random Darknet Shopper; BBC Sound Effects; Elite dating apps; IKEA assembling robot; WTF are non-personalised ads?; TBWA Sydney resigns Foxtel account; ads.txt update.

Ride With Me
Wednesday April 18th
Terrogence image harvesting; $11-$14 Facebook subscription; Cambridge Analytica ICO; more Facebook quiz data leaked; cat purr generator; Korean war set to end; Pornhub payments; smart condom; Tmall woos luxury brands; WTF is the CONSENT Act?; woman partially sucked out of jet.

Tuesday April 17th
Wetherspoon dumps social; Google's GDPR approach; Google's anti ad blocking tools ; profile of Dan Scavino; the distraction bubble; gene-edited food; drug dealer caught by WhatsApp photo; the end of infertility?; Goldman Sachs buys Clarity Money; the era of the Chief Privacy Officer.

Monday April 16th
Sir Martin Sorrell out; $11 Facebook subscription?; Google and Amazon got data too; miniature baseball bats; Trump cracks down on weed; caught by facial recognition; Stephen Curry's 'mental resilience'; bird-eating crabs; viruses from the sky; human waste hand dryers.

Friday April 13th
MySpace Tom; Facebook should pay us; Orkut is back; Japanese rare-earth metals; slow-motion ocean; racism and slurs are fine on Reddit; White Castle Impossible Burgers; Gmail redesign; AI is the new VR; B&T's 30 Under 30 Awards; 'Worst Song in the World?'.

Thursday April 12th
Alt All Facebook; the end of free?; dead whale; drunk Russian president; the myth of 'Learning Styles'; Gmail web redesign; digital advertising is creepy; Mariah Carey hotel; platform disintermediation of media agencies; Instagram history download.

Wednesday April 11th
Zucks testifies; Cambridge Analytica collected PMs; Instagram Nametags and Focus; 4chan diapers?; fluorescent puffin beaks; Bitcoin bubble popping; iOS 11.3 breaks third party-repaired screens; Ant financial to raise $9B; Australian domain administrator crisis.

Tuesday April 10th
'You Are the Product'; Brian Krebs on 'Security Questions'; Twitter bots; escaping poverty; 5G rollout radiation; Salesforce dives into blockchain; Uber to buy Jump; SenseTime raises $600M; P&G's new dedicated agency; Qantas reconsiders Wallabies; Seven under investigation.

Monday April 9th
Zucks unsends; Twitter delays API change; DHS media database; 'Do You Trust This Computer?'; richest 1% own two-thirds of wealth; seized; why is everyone so busy?; Google Street View billboards; Netflix billboard company; Influencer marketing has hit cryptoworld.

A Forest
Friday April 6th
News is bad for you; 'killer robots'; Facebook crashes Tinder; toxic Twitter; Facebook reforms in Washington; #TooLaterGram; Teen Vogue goes offline; Nike Golf welcomes Tiger Woods; life after advertising; WPP AUNZ share scheme; 311,127 Australian Facebook users harvested.

Thursday April 5th
Zuckerberg to testify; Martin Sorrell in alleged 'personal misconduct'; Facebook leak grows to 87m users; Facebook scanning Messenger messages; Trump on Jeff Bezos; Facebook rewrites Terms Of Service; publishers investing in video; voice activated coupons.

Happy Cycling
Wednesday April 4th
Instagram API; Facebook video bug; Facebook bulk removal tool; Cambridge Analytica reporting wrong?; 3D-printed steel bridge; data leak; Wall Street flies wrong flag; Budweiser and Jim Beam beer; use big data responsibly; Chief Taco Officer.

Donkey Ride
Tuesday April 3rd
Facebook's hardest year; New York Mag empiggens Trump; Australians ignorant about SM data; Grindr is sharing HIV statuses; Apple to use its own chips; schools struggle with vaping; lax privacy rules are the problem; stock markets tumble; shorter, faster, pitch process.