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May 2018

River Man
Thursday May 31st
Reddit pips Facebook; Taxify raises $175M; Bird raises $150M; Snapchat preps Snapkit; Mary Meeker's 2018 internet trends report;; diamonds are bullshit; Young Henrys apologises to women; traders with crypto; cannabis influencers; Cheech reveals rigorous testing methods.

Lemon Glow
Wednesday May 30th
ABC cancels Roseanne; PNG bans Facebook; the Cult of Peloton; SocialChorus raises $12.5M; Lost Circles; Snapchat's New Lens; Apple iOS 11.4; AI researchers boycotting Nature journal; the Telegraph bets on sports; Melbourne IT rebrands Arq Group; digital publishers with Hollywood ambitions.

Red Rain
Monday May 28th
GDPR mayhem; Google and Facebook: 'forced consent'; Airbnb clones Snapchat with 'Travel Stories'; F.B.I. router reboot; fifty years of Basic; Amazon picks up 'The Expanse'; break the Art Fair; weed fighting robots; Host-Havas clean up at AWARD; Publicis Groupe unveils Marcel.

Like Eating Glass
Wednesday May 23rd
Instagram mute; Zucks in Europe; Twitter dropping TV apps; Diet Prada; Adobe acquires Magento; Audi launches Reddit campaign; the Philip Cross Affair; electric scooter chargers; alien astroids; testing employees on GDPR; 'Returnships' for new mothers; top 10 jobs for psychopaths.

Homely Feeling
Tuesday May 22nd
China's social credit system; 'make Facebook safe for democracy'; BuzzFeed looks to Twitch; Pentagon missing $21 Trillion; Japan's secret spy agency; 'Knocker-Ups'; 'why does the internet suck?'; the fall of Videology; Obamas for Netflix; TradingView raises $37M.

Monday May 21st
Facebook's influencer search; Facebook Android superuser privileges; Yanny and Laurel; the Intellectual Dark Web; Bose's 'Magic Carpet' suspension; Google removes 'Don't be evil' mantra; Arby's font is 'Saucy AF'; WordPress GDPR compliance; social media linked to mental illness.

Milk It
Thursday May 17th
Zucks to Europe; Facebook Stories archive; Twitter legacy API; Snapchat: 'a clone of Facebook'; Henrietta Lacks' portrait; JD and F.B.I. investigating Cambridge Analytica; Elon Musk hires 2 Newfoundland interns; Finland AI course; Microsoft Surface Hub 2; Deadpool invades Walmart.

Wednesday May 16th
'Transparent' Facebook; Instagram 'time spent'; Twitter signal filtering; Facebook Youth Portal; no UK for Zucks; Tweetbot 3; Tom Wolfe has died; marijuana's risks; Google 'Photoshop'; bad wine; Tesla Model 3 hackathon; blockchain SaaS on AWS; marketers sour on DMPs.

Peace Frog
Tuesday May 15th
Facebook suspends 200 apps; Favstar closes; ACCC investigates Google; Facebook ROI; Cardi B is done with Instagram; US legalises sports gambling; Tolkien loathed Walt Disney; new PGP vulnerability; traditional TV in trouble; EFail; the rise of Patreon; carbon zero websites.

Under The Sun
Monday May 14th
Facebook cryptocurrency; gaming Instagram; the Next Mark Zuckerberg; NBC rescues Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Facebook use it or lose it; the Saturation Diver; 'Notes on Nationalism'; Iranian cyberattacks; major depression on the rise; virtual influencers; Pornhub socks; Fox revives Last Man Standing.

Friday May 11th
Klout shutting down; Russia-linked Facebook ads; Burger King kills Instagram Stories; digital advertising revenue grew 21% in 2017; 70 more Rick and Morty episodes; bizarre prostate PSA; Instagram emoji slider stickers; Facebook loses 1.3b monthly visits; Japan's rent-a-family industry.

Thursday May 10th
Facebook reshuffles; inside the Snapchat Creators Summit; Tidal manipulated; ads.txt subscription; WTF is a CMP?; Facebook and the Blockchain; The Vitamin Shoppe: 800 Instagram accounts; Google updates; WikiLeaks 'Will Lie to Your Face'; the new Google Assistant is frightening.

Wednesday May 9th
Amazon fake reviews; Google Research is Google AI; 'Facebook Avatars'; Adidas pauses Facebook; Twitter 'Secret'; Social media 'psychological cravings'; Alibaba buys Daraz; Bitcoin on Wall Street; Nintendo Switch Online; Gmail 'Smart Compose'; Google GDPR update; pitch deck: Google Waze.

Tuesday May 8th
Instagram Music; Scholars with Facebook data; Stories smartphone native format; 'Facebook Reality Lab'; ad-free Facebook; 'Humane Technology'; how to survive your 40s; SkyKnit; Fitbit adds menstrual cycle tracking; Bill Gates shorting Bitcoin.

Monday May 7th
Facebook dating; Russian trolls; LSD microdosing; Jason Calacanis dumps Facebook stock; Facebook extremist exchange; Wil Wheaton on chronic depression; Christopher Nolan: '2001: A Space Odyssey'; California world's 5th largest economy; XKCD on IMHO.

Cantina Band
Friday May 4th
Cambridge Analytica rebrands; Goldman Sachs trading Bitcoin; Instagram e-commerce; Twitter onto Google Cloud; 'Lambchild Superstar'; Amazon scraps Seattle; NASA's portable nuclear reactor; longest URL; happy birthday LinkedIn; how Digitas founded the NewFronts.

Thursday May 3rd
Cambridge Analytica bankrupt; Apple stock buyback; Cobra Kai; CommBank physical data loss; Facebook ranking news orgs; Facebook using Instagram to train AI; Facebook announces PyTorch 1.0; XKCD on Docker; dead herpes CEO; Zucks doesn't understand journalism; universal health care.

Back To Base
Wednesday May 2nd
WhatsApp CEO quits; Facebook dating; Instagram bully filter; Zucks cares; Facebook 'Clear History'; Rural Kansas is dying; the politics of 'Black Panther'; AGW is not average; BBC podcast localised ads; VR ads; NBA, NFL and MLS esports; NewFronts seize on brand safety.