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June 2018

Just Like You
Friday June 29th
Facebook Coinbase acquisition?; Instagram Lite; social media 'dark patterns'; yet another Facebook data breach; Amazon acquires PillPack; open modular hardware; Switzerland's fourth language; KaiOS raises $22M; the Great Indoors.

All Mine
Thursday June 28th
Google Ads; Slack outage; Instagram: a bargain; Facebook's missing data; Intel's drones are back; Budweiser's 'Whassup' is back; Social SafeGuard raises $11M; search for the Tasmanian Tiger; cooking at home; the universe is not a simulation.

Wednesday June 27th
RIP Yahoo Messenger; 'influencer-only' mural promo; Facebook reverses crypto ad ban; Instagram 4-way video chat; Apple News midterm section; P&G's 'The Talk'; Carlsberg 'beer caviar'; Aclima raises $24M; Wi-Fi Alliance to WPA3; Amazon Flex driver. 

Rat Trap
Tuesday June 26th
Instagram worth $100B?; Snapchat revenue sharing; programmatic recovering after GDRP effect; how Chase built a brand in-house; humanity may be alone in the Universe; Chirp: Twitter on Apple Watch; brands 'extreme fans'; MongoDB transactions.

Diving Woman
Monday June 25th
7 creepy Facebook patents; Tweets on Instagram; the Johnny Depp interview; Twitter 'smytes' customers; Martin Sorell: 'I was shot'; social media in the blockchain; secrets of resilience; the doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of 1986.

Friday June 22nd
Instagram launches IGTV; Firefox Is Back; Twitter acquires Smyte; Twitter's miraculous comeback; India WhatsApp 'child kidnap'; Koko has passed away; China's 111M-tonne trash problem; garbage win big at Cannes; Instacart creates 'Instacat'.

Blue Girl
Wednesday June 20th
Facebook gameshows; Messenger autoplay videos; Is Facebook The Next Amazon?; Talentry raises €6M; Veriff raises $7.7M ; McDonald's unveils "Frylus"; goodbye Tronc; Cannesfaker; Turkey's 'Mathematics Village'; dynamite fishing in the Philippines.

Rain King
Tuesday June 19th
Microsoft acquires Flipgrid; Facebook tightens gun-related ads; social media platforms eroding trust; Mexicans trigger earthquake sensors; do I own a Shitcoin?; Kola Superdeep Borehole; Back Market raises €41M; Adobe tackles attribution.

Salad Days
Monday June 18th
The Onion's war on Facebook; Firefox building a better Newsfeed; French media: Google-GDPR concerns; Flipboard in Europe; Harvard rated Asian applicants lower; how did the Nazis gain power?; Uber: rethinking GPS; what's my colour IQ?

No More Conversations
Friday June 15th
Ether is not a security; Bannon buys into Bitcoin; Tor Browser; Snapchat Snap Kit; the 'god of ugly things'; retailers: forget social; we're getting less intelligent; Elon is Boring in Chicago; is Cannes still worth it?; Gary Vaynerchuk (again).

Gold Lion
Thursday June 14th
AT&T's Time Warner takeover; Facebook mouse tracking; Custom Audience reckoning; Google gouging Facebook fatigue; split California; Einstein's xenophobia; Bitcoin price jacking; Fortnite: Nintendo Switch; 'Act Responsibly' at Cannes; 12 years on, what is Twitter?

Ocean Size
Wednesday June 13th
Vice Media bluffs; Facebook's 450-page homework assignment; Instagram Stories shopping tags; EU-US Privacy Shield; Trump's North Korea emoji; LinkedIn carousel ads; Summit supercomputer; Grindr's digital magazine; Jeff Bezos is $40B richer; inside Netflix's original content.

Night Falls
Friday June 8th
Facebook bug; Amazon buys into EPL; Turnbull versus Zucks; Facebook versus WhatsApp; your phone is listening; Light Phone 2; mysterious methane on Mars; SEC-regulated Coinbase; Ikea drops plastic; LinkedIn commute info; SeatGeek into Snapchat; Meesho raises $11.5M.

Black Rat
Wednesday June 6th
Facebook defends; WhatsApp split; Washington sues Facebook and Google; Twitter's power users; climate change is over; iOS12 preview; CIA Stargate collection; Steve Wozniak on Bitcoin; AI hunting nuclear missiles; Intel 28-core 5GHz CPU; GitHub billionaires.

No Voodoo
Tuesday June 5th
Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5B; Facebook's data-sharing deals; Apple on privacy; Microsoft and GitHub; Twitter disbands live video unit; Facebook 'disagrees' with the New York Times; podcasting measurement standard,; Accenture's programmatic pivot; GDPR is strafing ad sellers.

Never Change
Monday June 4th
America's teens on YouTube; Instagram's algorithm; Facebook shareholders challenge Zucks; Xinjiang is a police state; the sheep of Google Street View; rich kids and the marshmallow test; Facebook moving away from React Native?; millennials are economically screwed.

Space For Rent
Friday June 1st
Roseanne back on Twitter; Facebook teen audience in decline; Instagram has killed lifestyle blogging; 958 drones for TIME; scientists find 'friendliness' genes; Apple blocking Telegram; Neighborhood Goods raises $5.75M; LeBron James' 'Chosen 1' tattoo.