Alt All In

Alt All In is a semi-automated newsletter serving marketing and technology links.

August 2018

Concrete Schoolyard
Friday August 31st
Twitter suggests unfollows; Instagram sponsored content interns; NYPL's Insta Novels; Googles Titan security key; Norway's electric planes; 'work' commuting; 'franken-algorithms'; LEGO's drivable Bugatti; 'iPhone XS' and Series 4 Apple Watch; PwC: Digital Accelerators.

Lost Ones
Thursday August 30th
Teens off social; Trump's Twitter; conservative Facebook; ecstasy for PTSD; 1995-style blockchain; vanashing puffins; Maimi underwater; Domino's pothole paving; Carnival buys a blimp; Facebook Watch; Israeli company scraping Facebook; running out of helium.

Open Door
Wednesday August 29th
Regulate Google; Instagram 'About This Account'; 100% renewable Facebook; Nickelodeon: NickSplat; HBO's #BecauseofHer; AP signs on with Civil; Magic Leap One: $2295; NYC Mesh; China's flu virus; Robinhood adds Tencent and Nintendo; air-conditioners suck; America's student debt machine.

Tuesday August 28th
Snapchat 'eclipses' Facebook; Graphika visualises Twitter; Facebook responds to Myanmar; BuzzFeed News tests subscriptions; Flipboard reaches 145 MAUs; Facebook Groups pixel; passive-aggressive email phrases; Magic Leap a 'tragic heap'; Serena Williams' 'Voice of Belief'.

A Reflection
Friday August 24th
Internet misinformation; Facebook bans myPersonality; Apple pulls Facebook's Onavo; 'ad revenue feels like a broken model'; 'a resurgence of physical retail'; 385 feet of crazy; techies following the Japanese Dream; the Cultural Leadership Fund; poetry is everywhere.

Thursday August 23rd
Facebook and Twitter midterms; Instagram hack; NYC Library on Instagram; Facebook audience workarounds; more trees; public banks in LA; NY Times redesigns; Google Maps redesigns; RIP The Big Bang Theory; Whiskas radio; ad-tech bid-caching; Dan Rose is leaving Facebook.

Tuesday August 21st
Social media: 'destructive and harmful'; schools mining social; WhatsApp over Facebook dwell; Facebook ad platform 'discriminatory'; Nat Geo's VR helmet; Vice's Munchies launches food court; Johnson & Johnson incubator; American cannabis use.

This Time
Monday August 20th
Dorsey rethinking Twitter core; HUD files against Facebook; Chuck Norris and Truck Norris; 'the duopoly are middlemen'; Walmart's e-commerce growth; the Zoomquilt; Elon Musk's 'excruciating' year; should rivers have rights?; the vague role of 'copywriter'.

Pong Pang
Friday August 17th
Twitter #BreakingMyTwitter; Tweetbot loses functionality; Facebook update on Myanmar; 'Weaponized Ad Technology'; Skullcandy live concert series; free speech editorials; Old Spice marketing meeting; 'people-powered' agency Mofilm; breakfast cereal weed killer.

Catch It
Thursday August 16th
Twitter suspends Alex Jones; Instagram hacks redux; #DeactiDay; Jan Koum racks up $450M; do teens use Facebook; Paris: 'Wild Peeing'; Fairfax $63.8M loss; Ryan Reynolds meltdown; Sky Media on YouTube; Harley-Davidson mindfulness track; Fairfax and Nine newsrooms: Hywood.

Half A Moon
Wednesday August 15th
Instagram hacks; Reddit gets social media; Facebook buys Vidpresso; Twitter sysadmin deletes; Facebook Bans Kodi; WPP leaves London HQ; Amazon testing video ads; Cleveland Browns locked fridges; spaghetti mystery solved; crypto hits a 'sense of panic'; 'Crazy Rich Asians'.

Dream Police
Tuesday August 14th
Twitter Lite expands; Zucks 'doesn't care about publishers'; Google-Facebook dominance hurts; social media pressure; Party City on Amazon; Quartz forges ahead; Vans Gogh museum; French cellphone ban; Elon Musk 420; Qantas SKy petition; ABC and SBS efficiency review.

Motor Away
Monday August 13th
Twitter versus Proud Boys; Openbook; Facebook Pages: additional authorisation; Nike's football film: 'The Phantom'; GDPR fraudulent consent; Alexa will get back to you; the MoviePass debacle; 11-year-old hacks voting machine; meteor showers from space; iceberg: the superior lettuce?.

Space Song
Friday August 10th
Twitter values; Snapchat surgery; $2,295 Magic Leap; RIP Friend List Feeds; Facebook Mentorships; are you 'spiritually Finnish'?; chronic migraine drug; half of the great barrier reef is dead; New York Times Co. reports $24M profit; the Discord Store beta; dog cloning; six months at Riot Games.

Space Oddity
Thursday August 9th
Slack is raising $400M; InfoWars okay on Twitter; Snap drops users; Facebook's teen app; Mars consolidates; WTF is automatic content recognition?; the opposite of lean and agile; hydrogen fuel breakthrough in Queensland; renewable amonia; is the iconic Parisian bistro dying?

Wednesday August 8th
InfoWars ban; 'Taking Tesla Private at $420'; Facebook financial data; cashierless tech; the state of esports for advertisers; asbestos is back!; ten years after the crash; menstrual cycle lessons; FCC was not hacked; Bauer Media 'Women In Our Media' study; middle-aged men for rent in Japan.