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September 2018

Friday September 28th
Facebook shadow contacts; Oculus Quest; IGTV: now what? Mailchimp brand refresh; an oral history of viewability; Netflix trolls Kevin Spacey; the inbox is tough real estate; Hayabusa 2; why capitalism? Google's 20th birthday.

Road Head
Thursday September 27th
WhatsApp walkout; CEO Zuckerberg; WPP merges VML and Y&R; eBay's pitch to brands; Tim and Eric for Vroom; Russian colonels; wizards, Moomins and pirates; USAReally; Amazon's anti-union tactics; NASA's build-it-yourself Rover; Caravaggio died of sepsis; is the podcast bubble bursting?

Speaking Terms
Wednesday September 26th
Instagram cofounders step down; Facebook content moderator sues; Manyverse; Walmart: lettuce on the blockchain; YouTube Gaming shuts down; veganism isn't the answer; Kaepernick: Nike's $6B man; SiriusXM is buying Pandora; Apple and Salesforce: partnership; Apple completes Shazam acquisition.

Monday September 24th
White House onto Facebook and Google; Instagram denies Regramming; Twitter DM bug; GroupM talks tough on Facebook; Twitch expands programmatic; Bud Light unlocks fridges; Bloomberg Media bot; brain gut; PayPal cuts off Infowars; Novartis and Bayer fail to stop NHS; a DMT trip 'feels like dying'.

Early Warning
Friday September 21st
Facebook dating; the 'awfulness' of social media; Instagram 'overhashing' to end; 'Black Twitter' words; programmatic TV ads are coming; blockchain will not save advertising; game developers and digital advertising; WTF is pubvendors.json?; Martin Sorrell calls it again.

The Limit
Thursday September 20th
Facebook targeting, election 'War Room', custom silicon; Gucci on Instagram; Dos Toros burrito memes; Project Feels: 'mood ads'; China: 1984; Ticketmaster 'secret scalper'; PlayStation Classic; FanDuel $82k line error; Ranch Nation; 183.9MPH bicycle; GitLab raises $100M.

Let Down
Wednesday September 19th
Twitter: chronological timeline; Instagram shopping features; Facebook political YouTube burnout; the dawn of Twitter; HBO, Netflix and Amazon dominate Emmys; 'shoppable billboards'; dearMoon; Nietzsche's guide to better living; Postmates raises $300M; Tesla faces U.S criminal probe.

Tuesday September 18th
Marc Benioff buys Time; Path is closing; Apple and Firefox thwart tracking; 'miserable' Instagram; banks using 'Tinder-style' apps; DuckDuckGo or Google?; Linus apologises; Derinkuyu underground city; Bezos backlash: philanthropy; AdNews Power 50; Nike for Eliud Kipchoge.

Sour Grapes
Friday September 14th
Uber rebrands; Leaked Google 'all hands' meeting; Facebook 'better prepared' and 'SapFix'; Snapchat curation partners; getting news from social media; Cheetos pop-up; Pharma CEO jacks drug price 400%; Bezos launches $2B fund to help homeless; FBI closes Mexico observatory; Google Inbox signs off.

The Cowboy Song
Thursday September 13th
Crypto's 80% plunge; Uber rebrands; Instagram dealers; Instagram scams; ThinkProgress censored; music and brands; ad tech kickbacks; Nielsen social content ratings; Taco Bell 'best Mexican'; 30 Minutes of frying KFC chicken; Dmexco briefing; 'brand safety is a publisher responsibility'.

No Ground
Wednesday September 12th
Gawker relaunches; LinkedIn Groups; Facebook Wildlife; Tor browser zero-day; teens 'hooked' on social media; 'micro-influencers'; Amazon-sponsored product ads; Spotify adopts Nielsen Brand Effect; Vice and BuzzFeed go large screen; US $1.5T war bill; marijuana: brain cells and happiness.

Long Gone
Tuesday September 11th
Facebook exodus; Instagram video tagging; Snapchat SelfieCircus; Pinterest the Unicorn; Ikea Lamp; Ridley Scott returns to ad land; Accenture: word's largest digital agency; no fun socialists; Las Vegas high-rollers; what does the NFL stand for?

Road Trip
Monday September 10th
Facebook Whac-A-Mole; social media justice; Twitter Bookmarks and broadcast only; attribution in podcasting; freelancers swear off the Outline; 'Sperm Count Zero'; Lina Khan on antitrust; hospitals launch independent drug company; probiotics suck.

Friday September 7th
Instagram parent portal; Sandberg misled congress; Facebook Singapore; RIP Burt Reynolds; hacked Prius; Bach off YouTube; Walmart tests grocery delivery; Nike 'cause marketing'; Groq raises $52M; New Zealand survival bunkers.

Thursday September 6th
Facebook sues BlackBerry; Caffeine raises $100M; Twitter is a Nazi haven; Snapchat Spectacles V2s; 42% of US adults 'took a break from Facebook'; Fitbit's 150 billion hours of heart data; Colin Kaepernick for Nike; WTF is California’s net neutrality bill?

House Of Cards
Wednesday September 5th
Amazon hits $1T; technology favours tyranny; Teachers: Instagram influencers; 'toxic' Facebook content goes rogue; Tim Wu breaks up; the Maya Method; the New Yorker colour archive; US Colleges bankrupt; 'masquerading' Telstra; CEOs on Twitter.

Beach House
Tuesday September 4th
Up in smoke; ocean cleanup; tech jerks; Google and Mastercard: attribution; ETH is cooked; Twitter's struggle; founder arrested; the New Old Age; biological numeracy; 'Five Eyes' governments; gun ranges in Facebook jail; no phone French kids.

Echo Beach
Monday September 3rd
Scroll free September; Twitter threaded conversations; Mastodon mobs; publishers aren't hot on IGTV; Trump's 'War on Weed'; RIP the Village Voice; 25 years of Magic the Gathering; LeBron's mighty mind; Sephora gets into witchcraft.