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January 2019

The Concept
Thursday January 31st
Apple shuts down Facebook; Zucked by Roger McNamee; Domino's rewards; Hyundai x Jason Bateman; Avocados From Mexico's bizarre dog show; Yugoslavian computer magazines; Instacart wages; Israeli scientist cures cancer; Foxconn in Wisconsin; UAE's Project Raven; Olay's horror movie.

Acid Food
Wednesday January 30th
FaceTime bug; TikTok ads; Instagram was down; Snapchat: permanent snaps?; Facebook 'Data Privacy Day'; Uber Super Bowl free rides; $1B in crypto hacks; Naomi Osaka must choose; CrowdTangle opens up; Huawei: China charges 'immoral'; inside Starbreeze's financial crisis; CS in VN.

Land Of Sunshine
Tuesday January 29th
BuzzFeed payout; Facebook Dublin control centre; Black Panther Twitter; buyers shift to LinkedIn; Vogue Business; Steve Carell: 'is Pepsi OK'?; Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude; Walmart exits Google Express; what Tourism Australia learned; Kite raises $17M; iPhone tiny screws; Samsung ditches plastic.

Keep Your Heart
Friday January 25th
BuzzFeed layoffs; original Tweeter; $29 'brainwash'; Facebook upload filter; Amazon delivery robot; Burger King Super Bowl; Netflix's 'You Sold the Show'; Taco Bell Interstellar; Girl Scouts cybersecurity badge; Macintosh turns 35; the Zucks Dorsey goat; Lee Unkrich exits Pixar; Canada's food guide.

New Hope
Thursday January 24th
Uber Rewards; Twitter on Google Cloud; Twitterrific Ad Network; KFC 'gravy candle'; Christina Applegate x M&M's; The Economist news podcast; Budweiser's clydesdales; A-Rod and Mr. Peanut; Cardi B and Steve Carell; Microsoft NewsGuard; U.S. Navy Xbox controllers; Google Phishing Quiz.

Ocean Bed
Wednesday January 23rd
LiveJournal 'lost blogging'; Twitter 'darker mode'; Netflix to Instagram Stories; DHH on Facebook; Generation Alpha; wordless Mastercard; Pepsi in Atlanta; Kia scholarship; Untuckit offloads; Davos: 1,500 private jets; 57-hour Donkey Kong game; Tesla Supercharging prices; Starbucks x Uber Eats.

Jelly Beans
Tuesday January 22nd
Google AI contest; Facebook x Airbus; Twitter ECD; Kia 'Great Unknowns'; Vox and BuzzFeed TV; Skittles Broadway revue; Digiday: advertising in 2019; MacKenzie Bezos fortune; Grab car ride; hacking MicroSD cards; Syrian schoolboy to sue Facebook; WhatsApp message forwarding; the DNA 'Magic Box'.

Monday January 21st
Facebook LOL; Twitter private tweets; Snapchat 'Stay Tuned'; Lil Jon x Pepsi; Netflix: Fortnite over HBO; Target: Cloud Island; 50M Chinese apartments; gay penguins of Australia; high-carb Okinawans; Shutterstock's 2019 Creative Trends; Benny Gold x Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Good Guy
Friday January 18th
Facebook Russia takedown; Twitter Wordpress hijack; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tutorial; Backstreet Boys x Doritos; GM pulls 'Real People'; Slack's logo; Alexa Knockoff x Pringles; ScaleFactor raises $30M; Ambrosia blood; Microsoft affordable housing; masculinity isn't a sickness; RIP John Bogle.

English Rose
Thursday January 17th
Snapchat CFO resigns; '10 Year Challenge'; Grindr video pivot; Planters Super Bowl; 'Big Game Energy'; Roku pulls Infowars; YouTube prank crackdown; OxyContin mislead public; Cern plans 100km CDR; Huawei founder praises Trump; interstellar object 'Oumuamua'; Doritos x Chance the Rapper.

Wednesday January 16th
Netflix prices; Burger King trolls Trump; Facebook Three and a Half Degrees podcast; TikTok launches Duoshan; Twitter x Australian Open; Roku adds Infowars; Olay and Bumble at Super Bowl; nail-biting NYT ads; Toto eternal loop; Monarch Butterfly population; PG&E fires; DuckDuckGo x Apple Maps.

Tuesday January 15th
Instagram egg; Twitter's beta app; Facebook events into Stories; Gillette's 'The Best a Man Can Get' turns 30; Politico Europe subscriptions; Skittles Super Bowl; Fox on Amazon; Tazo pokes fun; No USB-C headphones at CES 2019; SpaceX layoffs; OnePlus is crushing Apple; PayPal x Visa.

In Violet
Monday January 14th
Instagram 'husbands'; UK Facebook fact-checking; Jacob Zuma on Twitter; RIP Lester Wunderman; Bud Light's Dilly-Dilly kingdom; YouTube Premium: small potatoes; original Bauhaus journals; HBO Soprano nicknames; is down; 'intellectual humility'; HBO 'Sopranos' Jack Dorsey.

Mirror Ball
Friday January 11th
China Twitter crackdown; TikTok repurposes YouTube and Instagram; inside Snapchat's Yellow; Oliver sells to You & Mr Jones; Kraft-Heinz gets 'edgy'; Pabst and GoPro for fans; PopSugar goes wellness; the $137B divorce; basketball in Tibet; N26 raises $300M; Ring security camera leak.

Blue Light
Thursday January 10th
Samsung profit downgrade; Instagram regram; Bezos divorce; Scott Morrison Photoshop fail; Twitter events; Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl push; IGTV gets YouTube recycles; Pepsi tagline; Google Assistant Ride; the American cheese surplus; Royole unveils FlexPai; becoming Jackie Chan.

Picture This
Wednesday January 9th
Sears liquidates; happy Snapchat; Impossible Burger 2.0; Mastercard drops name; Bird Box nets 26M viewers; Facebook poaches Google scientist; self-driving Tesla hits robot; Lambda School raises $30M; Google's Project Soli; IBM quantum computer; iTunes and AirPlay on Samsung Smart TVs.

Soft Hoop
Tuesday January 8th
Facebook pulls Britain First; 'AM to DM' extended; 12 Tumblr posts; HBO upstages Golden Globes; marketing 'ghosting'; Nielsen standoff with CBS; Quartz 'Brexit'; Bill Gates: nuclear energy; GitHub private repos; Steve Jobs on Xerox; Brexit: $1T leaving Britain; is marijuana as safe as we think?

New Brigade
Monday January 7th
Facebook vigilantes; Chinese censors on Twitter; Huawei tweets from iPhone; TikTok 'Lite'; self-aware McDonald's ad; Imgur pitches advertisers; Mastercard experience officer; Economist TVC; 23andMe signs $300M deal; cigarette butts; AI 'hides data'; Millennials: the Burnout Generation.