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October 2019

Twist The Knife
Wednesday October 9th
Twitter tailored audiences; Instagram dark mode; Facebook's Workplace hits 3M; Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard for Lightlife; Shiseido acquires Drunk Elephant; Toys 'R' Us x Target; Lil Jon x Little John sandwich; MediaMonks and Firewood merge; Adidas Teams x Universal Standard; China x South Park.

Little Drama
Wednesday October 2nd
Zuckerberg leaked audio: Warren; Facebook Design: devices; Twitter DM anti-abuse filter; Stacy Peralta x Yeti; Kelly Clarkson: 'marketing's worst nightmare'; Pinterest dark mode; Masterclass Amazon advertising; Skydio 2 drone; 300K Insta Novels readers; Airbnb 2020 direct listing.

Cruise Control
Tuesday October 1st
WeWork files to withdraw IPO; Twitter executive: 'psyops' soldier; Instagram 'creators' account; Facebook blocks The Pirate Bay; No Name 'Simple Check' health symbol; CarMax: 'The Way It Should Be'; inside P&G Ventures; 'Laundry Night' x Bud Knight; Tensorflow 2.0; the 'Wellness Aristocracy'.