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December 2019

Everything Is Everything
Friday December 20th
Facebook operating system; Facebook acquires PlayGiga; the Instagram decade; McDonald's and Coca-Cola x Snapchat Scan; Rubicon Project and Telaria merge; Zippin raises $12M; Helen of Troy acquires Drybar; German court bans Uber; Xbox Series X; State of JavaScript 2019; MeWe premium.

Wednesday December 18th
Peter Thiel x Facebook politics; Reuters 'manipulated media' course; Dorsey unfollows Zuckerberg on Twitter; Time Out: life after cookies; 'disturbing' Bloomberg Businessweek cover; Uber O'Hare 'comfort lounge'; Attention Capital acquires Girlboss; return of 'The Far Side'; Dave Clark profile.

Head Home
Tuesday December 17th
Queen Elizabeth seeks 'digital guru'; Solve raises $20M; Facebook and WhatsApp 'most downloaded'; Hallmark CEO apologises; Try Guys go independent; SodaStream peak ASMR; brand purpose in 2020; UberEats' India sold to Zomato; Rambler to sue Twitch; Japan KFC for Christmas; London Underground logo.

Wednesday December 11th
Facebook says no to Barr; Pinterest Trends; Facebook Portal adds WhatsApp, lip syncing; Iterable raises $60M; 2019 Year on Twitter; Bloomberg Media acquires CityLab; Spotify 2019 Wrapped; Nike replaces Majestic Athletic; 'Responsive Breakpoints Generator'; 'Interspace' airplane economy seat.

Start Over Again
Friday December 6th
Elon Musk: Twitter troll; @TwitterRetweets; Peloton Twitter war; Elf Cosmetics x TikTok; Viacom and CBS: ViacomCBS; Giphy's 2019 top GIFs; Snap x Gucci x Harmony Korine for Spectacles 3; Pantone's Colour of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue; YouTube gift codes on Amazon; Trump gets a Facebook thumbs-up.

Thursday December 5th
'A Letter From Larry and Sergey'; Instagram age check; Celine Dion x Instagram; Facebook Incubator: WEASEL; Peloton 'male fantasy ad'; McDonald's merchandise; Shutterstock predicts 'maximalist' hues; the Cannonball record; the State of UX in 2020; Nintendo and Tencent: Switch in China.

Setting Sun
Wednesday December 4th
Facebook 'Liam Bot'; TikTok 'accessibility'; Facebook publisher whitelists; Droga5 'Agency of the Decade'; iPhone 11 'snowball fight'; Amazon Premier League; Barstool Sports subscribers; Starbucks 'PIG' cup; 'Clive James Got It Right'; WeWork's escape plan; Indian Moon lander Vikram found.

The Sprawl
Tuesday December 3rd
Astralis to IPO; Facebook photo transfer tool; the rise of EduTube; Giving Tuesday on social media; Johannes Leonardo 'comes of age'; BuzzFeed SponCon audiences; T-Mobile 5G rollout; Forbes Media x Quantalytics AI Labs; the Apostrophe Protection Society shutters; Huawei's undocumented APIs.

Total Football
Monday December 2nd
Baby Yoda upends Democratic candidates; Twitter suspends Danielle Stella; Singapore fake news law; Minute Media expanding The Players' Tribune; Whole Foods x Mitch McConnell; Black Friday and Cyber Monday 'live map'; Advent of Code 2019; Sherlock: hunt social media usernames.