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February 2019

Berlin Chair
Thursday February 28th
Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield; fined $5.7M; TikTok hits 1B downloads; Chris Evans on Twitter; Facebook 'clear history'; Amazon diversifies its board; NHL: Shot on iPhone; MeUndies, Papa & Barkley and Mirror: communities; Dow Jones leak; Pizza Hut x FedEx robot delivery.

Burning Wheel
Wednesday February 27th
WhatsApp turns 10; Tommy Robinson banned; Elon Musk in contempt; Facebook premium video ads; TikTok 27m users; QuickTwit; McDonald's x Immigrant Archive Project; Liberty Mutual bird; Netflix: Bonnie and Clyde; Lucky Generals NYC; 60 years of Barbie; Target marketplace.

On The Luna
Tuesday February 26th
Facebook moderators; The Nanny Art; sexist Twitter interactions; Nike x Serena Williams; Spike Jonze x MedMen; National Geographic: Free Solo; LiveRamp identity graph; Major League Soccer: Live Your Colours; Marvel user testing; Azlo: fee-free business bank; a world without clouds.

Oh Boy
Monday February 25th
Ev Williams steps down; Facebook pulls Onavo, analytics SDK leaks; Pinterest restricts vaccine search; Instagram Public Collections; Barstool Sports podcasts; buyers shrug at YouTube; BMF co-owner sues; Levi's AI officer; Roku: $1B ad revenue; Amazon cargo plane crash; Elon Musk meme review.

Sad Girl
Friday February 22nd
FTC: Facebook in-game purchases: micropayments on Twitter; TikTok biddable ads; Zion shoe and Nike stock; Burger King KFG; Cookie Puss beer; Overtime raises $32M; kids googling themselves; Samsung's $2,000 Galaxy; YouTube ad safety memo; Queensland gets emoji number plates.

Never No More
Thursday February 21st
Twitter 'Reply Guys'; Galaxy S10 'Instagram mode'; Teatime Games: 'Hyperspeed'; Tide laundry service; Amazon Prime Video x SXSW; Burberry hoodies; Yahoo Sports x New York Mets; Google Nest microphone; young people's blood; Amazon-proofing strategies; Comcast routers; the insect apocalypse.

I Need You
Wednesday February 20th
RIP Karl Lagerfeld; Instagram fundraiser stickers; National Geographic hits 100M; MTV: Facebook Watch quiz show; Budweiser x Charlize Theron; Westeros at SXSW; Amazon Rekognition: audited; McDonald's and UberEats; The Atlantic and Errol Morris: no sizzle; Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign ad.

Easy Lee
Tuesday February 19th
Instagram witch-hunt; Facebook 'digital gangster'; Twitter deleted DMs; Calvin Klein x Shawn Mendes; Fortnite: Wendy's and NFL; S4 Capital hunts first-party data company; Bleacher Report: 'audience is a commodity'; Samsung store strategy; French fry power rankings; Thums Up cola.

Friday February 15th
Facebook buys Unity?; Twitter Camera; New York Times pauses Snapchat; Instagram browser direct messages; Lee Clow retires; RIP Mars Rover; KFC 'Beef Bucket'; Publicis picks up Chevrolet; JP Morgan JPM Coin; Airbus ending A380; Tesla's 'dog mode'; Wayfair outlet; BJP on Indian Twitter.

Long View
Thursday February 14th
Twitter bug; Instagram bug; French journalists on Facebook; LEGO And Snapchat store; 'Kara Versus Jack'; Recess oasis pop-up; Frozen 2 trailer; Automat and Googles AdLingo; Rappler CEO arrested; BuzzFeed: 'not all fun and meme'; Gates Foundation annual letter; white people emojis.

Wednesday February 13th
Amazon acquires Eero; LinkedIn Live; the AOC wins Twitter; inside Psy-Group; Reddit users are 'cheap'; Roger McNamee: Zucked; Bill Gates on socialism; Ridley Scott x Hennessy; David Spade on Comedy Central; Barney's cannabis shop; Huge picks up; Mars One bankrupt; 10,000 maggots.

Quieter Today
Tuesday February 12th
Will Smith's Aladdin Genie; Zynga's turnaround; Snapchat's VR art gallery; Complex licenses to Netflix and Hulu; HQ trivia to Google Assistant; Dolly Parton's 100M books; Google Edge TPU devices; Nuro raises $940M; Russia 'unplugs'; Air Canada 'dupe' passengers; Red Bull Music: House of Yes.

Face Pollution
Monday February 11th
Facebook ads in Germany; Instagram self-harm; Twitter, Bezos and National Enquirer; IHOP 'Pancizza'; Mastercard sonic branding; Burger King x Subservient Chicken; Spotify ad blockers; Nextdoor location data; Captain Marvel's website; 'Drop of Blood' emoji; Facebook acquires GrokStyle.

New Kid
Friday February 8th
Germany restricts Facebook; OnePlus stole Instagram photo; Twitter profits, sheds users; Reebok picks Deutsch; Finn Partners buys Small Army; IAB 2019 NewFronts lineup; Amazon accelerator programs; Levi's CMO on risk; Instacart reverses tipping policy; Raspberry Pi store; pufferfish in China.

Thursday February 7th
Facebook bonuses; Snapchat shrinks; YouTube and Instagram tots; Hulu and the egg; Orangetheory and Mirror; Spotify podcasts; The Simpsons Season 32; Google’s GDPR troubles; cannabis equals sperm; Patreon will eat itself; crypto CEO holds password; Wisconsin and Foxconn; Casper FOMOs sleeping.

I Wonder
Wednesday February 6th
Facebook Messenger unsend; Tokimeki Unfollow; 'The Social Network' was right; McDonald's France goes impressionistic; Electrolux goes in-house; MillerCoors responds to Bud Light; Bleacher Report rethinks studio; Warby Parker augmented reality; Zcash flaw; Harvard astronomer: alien ship.

Ghost Town
Tuesday February 5th
SpongeBob SquarePants Super Bowl; Instagram egg creator; Twitter tweet edits?; Mozilla arcs up at Facebook; Game of Thrones: Bud Knight; Wunderman Thompson branding; Burger King x Andy Warhol; MoonPie follows up; Tesla: Model 3 polar vortex, buys Maxwell Tech; God Mode on x86 processors.

Up In The Clouds
Monday February 4th
Vice Media layoffs; Netflix animation update; Apple shows Facebook; Snopes pulls out; Hulu: Instagram egg; Georgia lawmaker rips Pepsi; Spotify self serve; FamilyTreeDNA and the FBI; Dutch historian savages Davos elite; Devon Zuegel interviews Ted Nelson; sign language into speech.

Friday February 1st
Instagram Stories hits 500M; your brain off Facebook; leaked TikTok ad deck; Burger King trolls McDonald’s (again); CBS revives the Twilight Zone; KLM’s hologram booth; Mercedes summons Ludacris; recursive painting on Reddit; Zara's new logo; Ultraviolet is shutting down; 2.2B usernames leaked.