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April 2019

Planet Telex
Tuesday April 30th
The Instagram aesthetic is over; Chris Cox profile; diving into TED2019; Facebook 'Oxygen'; Game of Thrones Twitter record; Jeff Bridges bridge; Apple toughens tracking; Nancy Dubuc: adult supervision at Vice; Hamburglar hits McDonald's; Burger King Impossible Whoppers; Hertz sues Accenture.

Under Cover
Monday April 29th
Kara Swisher: Facebook fine; Elon Musk Twitter guidelines; Instagram tree; Yuval Noah Harari x Mark Zuckerberg; Burger King x-rays; Mountain Dew x Kevin Hart; IPG earnings; Amazon's $800M bet; Airbnb in Barcelona; Disney heir on Iger's pay; USA TODAY police misconduct database; Apple screen-time.

Late Night
Friday April 26th
Facebook and Twitter algorithms; Tesla short sellers; chimpanzee browsing Instagram; Snap Inc. hires Kenny Mitchell; Comcast to offload Hulu; Shopify hardware kit; Arnold x LeBron; Google's 'unified pricing'; growth-hacking Amazon; PepsiCo sues farmers; EasyJet bans peanuts; HAPSMobile x Loon.

Dripping Sun
Wednesday April 24th
Jack Dorsey x Trump; Twitter and Snapchat earnings; Tesla robotaxi network; LatinWorks becomes Third Ear; Ecobee heats up; Wieden & Kennedy Webbys; Broadsign acquires Ayuda; Walmart's China strategy; teenager sues Apple; Bolt takes on Uber; Mac DeMarco on anxiety; California board law.

Memory Boy
Tuesday April 23rd
Carole Cadwalladr at TED; Samsung delays Galaxy Fold; Jesse Williams x MedMen; Xfinity Mobile at YouTube Works Awards; Extra Gum does friendship; Boom profile; Snapchat x UN for Earth Day; Instagram like counts; Buca di Beppo profile; Eric Yuan profile; TurboTax dark patterns; GB Studio.

Sun Bear
Thursday April 18th
Shorty Award winners; Grey Goose rebrand; digital-only Money Magazine; Apple x Earth Day; Hulu and Netflix x Fyre Festival; half price Facebook Portal; why the Instagram founders quit; Twitter acquihires Highly; Galaxy Fold issues; Assassin's Creed Notre Dame pledge; life without Google.

The Salad
Wednesday April 17th
PlayStation 5; Dunkin': beverage-first; love Peeps or hate them; Medium partnerships; Schibsted backs Spotify; Notre Dame fire conspiracies; Google yanks TikTok; Stonehenge DNA; Katie Bouman black hole; Twitter 'hide replies'; Saudi Arabian Uber tool; Unilever 'Responsible Infrastructure'.

Tread On Me
Tuesday April 16th
Notre Dame is burining; Beats by Dre x Hiro Murail; H&R Block: live sloth; Ann Taylor: 'fashion coward'; Apple News+ 'basically playing favourites'; Twitter withheld TorrentFreak tweet; Messenger dark mode; Jack Dorsey's mom verified; TikTok is hiring from Snap; 2019 Pulitzer prize winners.

Jimmy James
Monday April 15th
L'Oreal: hire more women; Coca-Cola x Star Wars; Nike x Tiger Woods; Publicis acquires Epsilon; Gary Vaynerchuk sprays; LinkedIn fake profiles; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp were down; Facebook nominates Peggy Alford; LumApps raises $24M; Aphex Twin interviews Tatsuya Takahashi.

Friday April 12th
Julian Assange arrested; New York Times x Everlane; KFC 'virtual influencer'; Uber: 'Romeo and Julio'; LiveRamp acquires Faktor; Instagram demotes 'inappropriate' content; Stephen Curry Facebook pitch; Conde Nast has 20 Snapchat shows; Amazon Workers are listening; Foxconn in Wisconsin.

Thursday April 11th
Forsman & Bodenfors x Yngwie Malmsteen; Budweiser soccer field; Gillette defends; Google monetises Maps; Sizmek begins layoffs; Ikea in Manhattan; Facebook dead birthdays; 'Commander in Cheat'; Event Horizon Telescope snaps a black hole; Uber seeking $90B-$100B valuation; Helvetica's facelift.

Hold My Hand
Friday April 5th
WhatsApp business app; Instagram 'steals' royal handle; Australia social media laws; Snapchat launches Scan; Bumble publishing; Accenture and Droga5 talk; Beyoncé x Adidas; Hearst on brand safety; Jeff Bezos finalises divorce; Tesla self-driving capabilities; Linus Torvalds on social media.

Thursday April 4th
Accenture Interactive acquires Droga5; Facebook data dumps; Instagram 'influence'; Snapchat 'Status' location; Brian Acton on Singnal Foundation; Tru Optik raises $10M; LinkedIn best companies: Alphabet; Viacom x T-Mobile; Patagonia crackdown; WeWork acquires Managed by Q.

Wednesday April 3rd
Segment raises $175M; Google+ shutdown; Facebook: Cersei Lannister; Sizmek: 'a problematic child'; Game of Thrones x Mountain Dew; OxyContin goes to pitch; Foot Locker incubator; smells like Jane Goodall; YouTube execs: engagement; Walmart x Google Assistant; China 'youth mode'; Lego Spike Prime.

Tuesday April 2nd
'Why am I seeing this post?'; Ariana Grande rules Instagram; Facebook: 'high quality news tab'; Burger King's Meatless Whopper; Comscore shake up; Mike's Hard Lemonade ad blocker; Publicis Groupe eyes Epsilon; Budweiser x Jackie Robinson; pipdig: Wordpress DDOS; blockchain's Occam problem.

Too Late
Monday April 1st
Jeff Bezos hacked; Facebook: government regulation; exotic animals on Instagram; RSS: better than Twitter; Payless hasn't paid; Sizmek files for Chapter 11; Dave Portnoy profile; Hulu cuts ad breaks; how Reddit is selling ads; Wow air collapses; Lazarus Lake profile; Lyft lifts.