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May 2019

The Sad Punk
Friday May 31st
Nancy Pelosi rebukes Facebook; 'Fire Zuck'; Yolo grows; Snapchat Trover Saves the Universe; Ackerman McQueen splits with NRA; North Face apologises for Wikipedia 'hack'; Meredith doubles Pinterest impressions; why Topshop failed in the US; Google My Activity; 'Freedom Gas'.

Black Flute
Wednesday May 29th
NATO catfished soldiers; Kik and Facebook blockchain tech; Instagram dwell time; ESPN adds Snapchat shows; Gillette 'First Shave'; talking Schitt; Google "unified auctions"; Monster TV advertising; 4chan "Bash the Hash"; Google's shadow work force; BuzzFeed UK commercials.

Name Escape
Tuesday May 28th
Bytedance smartphone; NHL 'Stanley Cup Live' to Twitter; Bud Light corn syrup; BMW electric scooter; RuPaul's Kart Race; 3x1 x Nike denim shoe; Everest is crowded; US esports bubble; SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites; Twitter spam hijacking; U.S. Military x 350B messages.

Falling Away
Monday May 27th
Another 3B fake Facebook accounts; fake Pelosi video; Facebook 'GlobalCoin'; Crossfit suspends Facebook; Snapchat employees: private Snaps; Kylie Jenner programmatic; Deschutes goes green; Great Barrier Reef ScUber; D&AD Black Pencils: Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Droga5.

Hands Away
Friday May 24th
2.19B face Facebook accounts; Instagram data breach; Gen Z: Dairy Queen, Chapstick and Dollar Tree; Nike virtual Jordans; Budweiser Memorial Day; Kellogg's brand ambassadors; Hertz-Accenture billing; Samsung 'deepfake' technology; Schmidt's Naturals AI; Notre Dame is unstable; Mona Lisa frown.

Strange Reunions
Thursday May 23rd
Far-right Facebook groups; Indonesia restricts WhatsApp and Instagram; Michael Sayman launches Emojishot; meet Projector; Highsnobiety x Prada; Roku eyes TV dollars; Pandora 'Sound On'; LinkedIn sales navigator; Ford delivery robots; Smule grows to 40M users; pays out 6,567% return.

Eyes To See
Wednesday May 22nd
Coca-Cola brings back New Coke; Facebook cellphone partnerships; ByteDance music streaming; Facebook and Google pressured EU; 190 Years of Yuengling Beer; Accenture to dimiss Hertz; TicToc OTT streaming; Waterdrop and Xiang Hu Bao insurance; self-driving U.S. Postal Service; Huawei 'underestimated'.

Seasons Change
Tuesday May 21st
ByteDance launches Flipchat; Instagram 'influencer' leak; Facebook robotics lab; Pepsi goes Instagram-heavy; Salon lives on; Peet's x Iliza Shlesinge; Bonobos 'try before you buy'; Crunchyroll eyes international markets; Robert F. Smith to pay student loans; Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom drop Huawei.

Keep It Healthy
Monday May 20th
Twitter in Japan; Mike Schroepfer opens up; Facebook: Libra Networks; Chiitan suspended; Pavel Durov on WhatsApp; inside Burger King's Whopper Detour; Garry Kasparov talks AI; remembering Grumpy Cat; 'Huge Brews' off-brand IPA; How To Spend It readers; Aldi upends America; BT unveils new logo.

Wet Hair
Friday May 17th
Twitter 'shadow banning'; Instagram pulls Direct; TikTok tops App Store; Oh Polly apologises; Taco Bell opens The Bell; Vita Coco pees in a jar; Hong Kong Ballet x Design Army; Twitch cooks a Whooper; General Mills influencers; Vice Media programmatic; Jon Forsyth opens Neverland.

Saturday Love
Thursday May 16th
Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Google, and Amazon sign on to the Christchurch Call to Action; Selena Gomez: 'my generation'; the new TWA Hotel opens; Orvis is turning to TV; CVS tackles vitamin accuracy; Game of Thrones x SodaStream; Pizza Hut customer experience; Uber Black Quiet Driver Mode.

Bank Holiday
Wednesday May 15th
WhatsApp hacked; Disney takes Hulu; Facebook 'clear history'; Twitter Developer Labs; Nextdoor raises $123M; John Wick creative process; Burger King: McDonald's troll; Walmart matches Amazon; Hershey's Emoji chocolate bar; ESPN x Caesars; Twitch expands sales; Social Science One data mining.

Cold War
Tuesday May 14th
Facebook raises moderator wages; Twitter location bug; adam&eveDDB picks up PlayStation; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Carnegie Deli; Google's cookie crackdown; YouTube's Bumper Machine; BrewDog x Game of Thrones; KitchenAid Mix and Match; Mortal Kombat 11 PTSD; Taboola and Outbrain: 'chumboxes'.

Black Sun
Monday May 13th
Ukip candidates on Gab; Philip Morris young 'influencers'; Nick Clegg on breaking up Facebook; xHamster #MomsBeforeMILFs; Evian x Virgil Abloh water bottle; Nike x R/GA: 'Before That'; Anheuser-Busch online panel; Dazed pivots to science and tech; Levi's: hemp into cotton; Twilio Super SIM.

Triangle Walks
Friday May 10th
Chris Hughes calls for Facebook breakup; Facebook Birthday Stories; Twitter transparency; 'It: Chapter 2' red ballons; Google privacy and ad tech; Nike Fit; Netflix acquires StoryBots; Edgewell Personal Carea aquires Harry's; Accenture 'Memory Lane'; 'Welcome to WeTransfer'; Denver psychedelics.

World Eater
Thursday May 9th
Ryan Reynolds leaks Detective Pikachu; Google 'built privacy'; Facebook London x WhatsApp payment; Bleacher Report x Instagram Stories; Burger King 'Traffic Jam Whopper'; KFC pokes fun at vegans; Awkwafina x 2 Chainz Dream for Google Pixel; Mastercard: 'The Red Ball'; PopSockets fights Amazon fakes.

Drone Logic
Wednesday May 8th
How to tax Google and Facebook; Twitter Retweets reboot; TikTok x Cambridge Analytica?; VisitLEX Bourbon Camouflage; Wiffle Ball: no ads; The Office, Friends and Grey's Anatomy top Netflix; Google Nest rebrands; Groupon marketplace; Magic: The Gathering is hard; Windows Terminal.

Tiny Apes
Tuesday May 7th
Instagram 'false posts'; Facebook video guidelines; Twitter Ramadan emojis; Burger King 'clown-free birthday'; Progressive's Motaur; Game of Thrones Starbucks; Merriam-Webster adds 'influencer'; NFL brand speed dating; Sequoia Capital China cuts staff; Lockheed Martin's SR-72; NBC ShoppableTV.

Role Model
Monday May 6th
Facebook bans x Trump; China x TikTok; Pornhub wants to buy Tumblr; Facebook's cryptocurrency: loyalty; Bud Light 'Rainbow Bottle'; Burger King's anti-Happy Meals; Absolut marketer Michel Roux; Disney offloads to Sinclair; Under Armour DTC declining; Target's media business; Olivia Laing on Twitter.

Beach Goth
Friday May 3rd
Facebook bans Farrakhan, Yiannopoulos, InfoWars; Verizon seeks Tumblr buyer; Instagram egg and biology; Burger King 'Real Meals'; Spotify x Unilever audio ads; Petz facial recognition; Target unveils Roundel; the saga of Star Citizen; Decathlon Sports profile; YouTube content and brand safety.

6 Pack
Thursday May 2nd
Vice rebrands; Droga5 x Amazon; Kentucky Derby horse or ad agency?; Hulu hits 28M users; dead people on Facebook; Twitter grilled on misogyny; Instagram shopping; Vudu reboots Mr. Mom; scientists find cocaine in shrimps; Epic Games acquires Psyonix; Julian Assange in jail; Stanford kickbacks.

One Box
Wednesday May 1st
Facebook 'Secret Crush'; Instagram hiding Like counts; Messenger desktop; Chase Twitter backlash; ESPN The Magazine goes digital only; Coca-Cola 'Enjoy'; AKQA AI-generated sport; Carrie Brownstein on Portlandia; Mountain Dew hedges esports; ManyChat raises $18M; RIP Anki; Sonic the Hedgehog trailer.