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June 2019

Mellow Doubt
Wednesday June 26th
Dylan Voller sues News Corp, Fairfax Media, Sky News; Instagram avocado reality; global Facebook Ad Library Report; Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google spend billions; Chrome privacy smashes paywalls; Snapchat 'Friendship Report'; Lime-A-Rita #NeverApologize; Future Media Group acquires W Magazine.

White Electric
Tuesday June 25th
Ravelry bans Trump; Chicago Cubs x Snapchat x Stranger Things; Facebook 'Content Oversight Board'; Junior Mints, the Mets, Drake for Seinfeld 30th; Baby Shark, Everlane, Topo Chico 'America's Hottest Brand'; Baboon raises $2.9M; Beats by Dre hires Chris Thorne; Raspberry 4 launches.

Indecision Time
Monday June 24th
Jibo owners on going dark; Boris Johnson fake plot; Libra must be stopped; Instagram 'branded engagement'; 'The Last Ever Issue' Glass Lion; Toys 'R' Us is back; Droga5 and NY Times: 'The Truth Is Worth It'; Corona's stackable six-packs; Kristina Lutz on podcast advertising; Quartz Brief sunsets.

Lost Cause
Thursday June 20th
Facebook moderators break NDAs; Instagram nude protest; Fluent acquires AdParlor; P&G 'The Look'; Alexander Nix yanked from Cannes; NBA's Anthony Davis on Ruffles, LeBron; Reddit partners with Oracle; Boaty McBoatface impressive debut; Domino's autonomous robot; Tony Robbins 'gross shot'.

Nothing's Changed
Wednesday June 19th
Facebook Libra; Trump "fake news" Australia's ABC; Calibra digital wallet; Twitch acquires Bebo; Bud Light 'Real Men of Genius'; Aflac's Animatronic Duck Cannes speaker; Childish Gambino Music Grand Prix; NBCUniversal AdSmart Context; L'Oréal 'Beauty Tech Lab'; Google AR ad tools.

Blue Lines
Tuesday June 18th
Instagram username freezing; Snapchat Original audiences; Elon Musk 'deletes' Twitter; Gatorade 'video everywhere'; NBC News expands 'Stay Tuned'; Mastercard transgender customers; Complex eyes MTV growth; Genius Morse code catches Google; Uber Eats drones; Mazda purges touchscreens.

Too Real
Monday June 17th
Facebook 'Hate Agents'; Libra Foundation: eBay, Coinbase, Vodafone, a16z for launch; Amazon Spark shutters; Instagram generation on boats; Budweiser: 'For the Fathers Who Stepped Up'; American Express: 'Proudly Backing'; Outdoor Voices on data; 'deepfake' Jon Snow; Impossible Burger shortages.

Dark Fantasy
Friday June 14th
Facebook backs Meesho; IRL raises $8M; Depop profile; Snapchat: Gen Z 'creative tendencies'; Facebook presents Showcase; Burger King Upside Down Whopper; JetBlue x RuPaul's Drag Race; Business Insider x eMarketer; Accenture Interactive's 'Digital Doggy Bag'; LinkedIn's brand refresh.

Thursday June 13th
Zuckerberg 'deepfake'; influencers head to Chernobyl; Facebook Blood Donations; Epic acquires Houseparty; Russia targets Tinder; Miller Lite 'Cantrollers'; DreamWorks She-Ra adaptation; Badger & Winters #NoKidsInCages; Nest out of China; Google Pixel 4; meet the new Dropbox.

Never Better
Wednesday June 12th
Facebook 'blessings groups'; Graph Search rollback; Yubo profile; The Ringer on podcasts; KFC x Mtn Dew 'Sweet Lightning'; Krispy Kreme Times Square store; Unilever acquires Tatcha; Birchbox 'you-time'; Alex Jones pays Pepe the Frog; Universal fire; Foxconn 'out of China'.

Stainless Steel
Tuesday June 11th
Salesforce acquires Tableau; Facebook Graph Search changes; Fortnite is Gen Z social media; Desus and Mero's 'wild ride'; Instagram Pride Month; HBO cancels Vice News Tonight; New York Times adds to 'The Daily'; NBCUniversal programmatic refund; EverQuest profile; U.S. Military pollution.

Thursday June 6th
Firefox Monitor; Instagram 'influencer' ads; Chipotle NBA 'freeting'; Netflix 'Extras' tab; Twitter #GoldenTweet; Volkswagen 'Hello Light'; Ikea catalog to Pinterest; 2020 meme election; Arii clothing line fail; Quibi mobile only; Carnival Cruise fined; Apple's $999 Pro Stand.

Wednesday June 5th
Facebook: Liberal over Labor; Apple asocial network; TikTok ad targeting; Ruby Rose Batwoman fallout; 'Ikea Real Life Series'; Ridley Scott: 'Boy on the Bike'; American Eagle youth; Martin Sorrell: 1st-party data; Jen Fisher: CWBO; Keanu Reeves is too good; Google service disruption.

Off The Grid
Tuesday June 4th
Facebook Avatars; 'Sign in with Apple'; PayPal Commerce Platform; Pantone 'Glowing Glowing Gone'; Nielsen expands YouTube ratings; Mtn Dew 'DEWnited States Collection'; IHOP 'Pancakes'; Walmart streaming video; Apple Mac Pro; Instagram COO Justin Osofsky; IEEE x Huawei.

In Limbo
Monday June 3rd
U.S. social media screening; Apple yanks iTunes social; Spotify social listening; YouTube, Instagram: 'creators' and 'influencers'; Nike Women's World Cup; Mona Lisa x Perrier; Amazon acquires Sizmek; Bayer in-house programmatic; Wired unlocked paywall; hacking Wikipedia.