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August 2019

Last Dance
Friday August 30th
Messenger kills 'Discover'; Michael Antonov accused; Ralph Lauren x TikTok; World of Warcraft Classic Snapchat lens; Cobra Kai paywall; Mattel thinks 'beyond toys'; RIP Jesse Combs; Infowars' War Room whack-a-mole; Credijusto raises $42M; Hong Kong ISP selective blocking.

Game Theory
Thursday August 29th
German Data Protection probes Facebook, Google; Instagram 'Unlink Account'; Facebook Portal hacking; Insta360 GO; Dorito 'Anti-Ad'; Le Tote acquires Lord & Taylor; Progressive 'At Home With Baker Mayfield'; Firefox Quantum: Developer Edition; China spies on LinkedIn; Apple's dependence on China.

Fan The Flames
Wednesday August 28th
TkTok native audience network; Facebook x HackerOne; Instagram 1M account takeover; Twitter suspends @RealPressSecBot; Egg McMuffin: 'a world of softness'; KFC sells out of 'meatless chicken'; Popeyes sells out of chicken sandwiches; SpaceX Starhopper test; Ether's network utilisation peaks.

Summer Girl
Tuesday August 27th
Silicon Valley social credit; Facebook blocks German FCO; Patrick Mahomes x Hunt's Best Ever; Ikea's vanishing furniture; American Express 'Backing to Thrive'; MTV VMAs branded content; Beyond Meat x KFC; Elon Musk gambled Tesla; Amazon's Audible sued; on chicken hypnotism.

Paper Thin
Monday August 26th
Facebook bands The Epoch Times; Cambridge Analytica downplayed; Snapchat 'musical instrument'; Dum Dum Lollipops are back; Volkswagen rebrand; Estee Lauder influencers; vape lung victim; RIP David Koch; the 'Baltic Way' 30 years on; Keith Comstock baseball card; Trump: 'I hereby order'.

Ferry Song
Friday August 23rd
Oculus Insight; Tumblr's next step; Instagram post 'trademarking'; Lemonade in-house creative; Google 'privacy sandbox'; Android rebrands; World of Warcraft Classic; MLB sexual enhancers; DMZ 'gardening job'; Kool-Aid and Pillsbury shift the needle; Facebook review process.

Thursday August 22nd
Failed social networks: Friendster, Myspace, Bebo, ConnectU, Path, Yik Yak, Orkut, Google+, and Vine; old Instagram hoax; Twitter acquihires Lightwell; Draftkings in-house campaign; Google cuts off Adobe; ThredUp raises $175M; the Amazon is burning; Energizer Bunny, Snap, Crackle and Pop.

Tragic Carpet Ride
Wednesday August 21st
Off-Facebook activity; chicken sandwich Twitter war; Homeis raises $12M; Instagram censors Badiucao; BigCommerce CBD tools; Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl; colossal crabs x Amelia Earhart; WhatsApp digital payments; Microsoft Edge preview builds; Ellie Pell wins 50K ultra outright.

Blue World
Monday August 19th
ShareChat raises $100M, led by Twitter; Cantonese romanisation in Hong Kong; Facebook pop-up cafes; Google+ 'missed opportunity'; NBA schedule reveals; NFL 'We Ready'; McDonald's 'Schnuggs'; Puma x Spotify; Google's DoubleClick ID one year in; German coal; subversive Wizard of Oz.

Jack In Titanic
Friday August 16th
Instagram fake Stories views; Tumblr under Goldilocks; TikTok teen porn problem; CVS 'Pill Club'; Kellogg's shits into esports; Bleacher Report relaunches B/R Gridiron; Outdoor Voices 'Exercise Dress'; What3words; no ice in Iceland; flashy Gen Z resumes; GE a bigger fraud than Enron.

Wicked Game
Thursday August 15th
Silent book club; eavesdropping Facebook contractors; Matt Mullenweg, Fred Wilson on Tunmblr; Twitter follow 'interests'; YouTube members-only; GoFundMe doc series; Kristen Stewart x Vanity Fair; New York Times '1619 Project'; tuberculosis cured; psytrance guide; 'NULL' license plate.

Wednesday August 14th
The rise of 'twinfluencers'; Tumblr x Wordpress; Nate Mitchell exits Facebook; Snap drops Spectacles 3; NBA East Coast scheduling; beyond the cookie; CBS and Viacom merger; Dentsu's Gravity picks up The Electronic Gaming Federation; 4chan post on Epstein's death; the disappearing banana.

Lump Sum
Tuesday August 13th
Automattic acquires Tumblr; Meesho raises $125M; subscribe to tweet replies; Facebook dumps Houseparty; Ed Sheeran Heinz tattoo; Droga5 x First Mini Work; Accenture auditing; Amazon's Onsite Associates; how YouTube radicalised Brazil; Wheels Up raises $128M; ChallengeMe on Instagram.

Midnight Dipper
Tuesday August 6th
Boris Johnson's Facebook ads; Snap Games opt-in ads; PHD picks up TikTok; Pampers 'real parents'; Tubi trolls Hulu and Netflix; kids 'retire' from sports via ESPN; IPG spruiks Acxiom acquisition; Coca-Cola 'Equal Love'; SpaceX Smallsat program; Cloudflare terminates 8Chan; Alexandr Wang profile.

Instant Pace
Monday August 5th
Instagram and WhatsApp 'from Facebook'; inside 'Instabeach'; Superplastic raises $10M; IAB CEO and publishers Twitter fight; Gen Z on social media; TikTok #GuacDance; Scott Sports x Huge: Scott Split Plus; Uber 'laid off' list; David Droga on Accenture sale; Ninja defects to Microsoft's Mixer.

Saturday Night
Thursday August 1st
Data Transfer Project, Snapchat trolls Instagram; InstaMon; 'GeneBragging'; Baidu x Snap x Pinterest x Reddit; Doner launches The Connections Kitchen; the Gerety Awards; life after iPhone; whale 'swallows' sea lion; Jeffrey Epstein DNA; Greenland is melting; Sydney destroyed trams.