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January 2020

Identity Theft
Tuesday January 28th
Spotify's looping videos on Instagram; Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock Facebook Groups; Parker Pannell TikTok; Facebook Super Bowl ad; Planters hits pause on Mr. Peanut; Google 'The Most Searched'; Bill Plaschke on Kobe Bryant; 'The Mamba Mentality'; Tumblr #Issues2020 campaign.

Plans I Make
Friday January 24th
David Cicilline on antitrust; Planetary; Instagram influencer fraud; Twitter DM emojis; TikTok x Merlin licensing; Squarespace x Winona Ryder; 'Real Housewives' Sabra hummus feud; George Soros 'Open Society University Network'; IRS 8-year Microsoft audit; Faith Hope Consolo; Broadcom x Apple.

Day In Day Out
Thursday January 23rd
RIP Terry Jones; RIP Mr. Peanut; TikTok US-based CEO; Octi augmented reality; Vodafone leaves Libra Association; Hard Rock tap Michael Bay; Little Caesars Super Bowl; Old Spice Guy 10th anniversary; SodaStream taps Bill Nye; Lego ISS; Tesla hits $100B valuation; Half-Life on Steam.

Biscuit Town
Wednesday January 22nd
Instagram for Windows 95; Facebook, WhatsApp messages originator; 6.1B K-Pop-related tweets; Planters kills off its mascot; Architectural Digest turns 100; Snickers aims to 'Fix the World'; Glenn Greenwald cybercrimes; deaf man sues Pornhub; Jeff Bezos's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince'.

Who I Am
Monday January 20th
DuckDuckGo Lite; Facebook Xi Jinping; Joe Biden nukes Section 230; TikTok: 'digital crack cocaine'; Sam Elliott spoken-word 'Old Town Road'; Snoop Dogg goes Beyond Meat; the rise of #SelfcareSunday; saving the Wollemi Pines; Clearview AI profile; the internet versus the Houston Astros.

Hungry Heart
Thursday January 16th
Twitter 'no edit button'; Olay's Super Bowl mission; US: TikTok overtakes Amazon Prime Video; James Bond: a dry spy; Google Shopping expands; Kylie Jenner convention; The Betchelor Fantasy Game; Oregon DMV personal data; Apple 'monopsony theory'; 'classic web'.

Moss Garden
Wednesday January 15th
Instagram website DMs; Facebook open source 2019; Twitter suspends Grindr; Publicis Groupe is reviving Razorfish; Google third-party cookies; Alex Bogusky to depart CPB; Mark Read on 'lean' WPP; almond milk is evil; 3D Buzz shutters; Y2K bug is back; Firefox multi-account containers.

Feel The Love
Tuesday January 14th
Kayvon Beykpour on the 'troll score'; Flipboard branded content; Instagram 'first post'; Mark Hamill deletes Facebook; Rent the Runway CEO on transparency; Toyota's 'city of the future'; iPod product timeline; SpaceX moon 'Bachelor'; Away C.E.O. Steph Korey is back; SIM swapping attacks.