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Marketing Wrap

Viacom and CBS Have Officially Merged, Creating ViacomCBS,

Home Depot hammers home new tagline with ads that emphasize digital investment and delivery options,

‘It’s tougher for media buyers to get wins’: Confessions of a DTC media buyer on the consequences of rising CPAs,

Giphy’s 2019 List of Top 25 GIFs Is Full of Positivity,

YouTube Gift Codes Are Available via Amazon in the U.S.,

AT&T and The Washington Post link to show 5G in action,

Snap, Gucci, Harmony Korine Team Up on Limited-Edition Spectacles 3,

As agencies go directly to SSPs, they are trimming the number they use,

Ford Is Making Car Parts From the Skin of McDonald’s Coffee Beans,

The risks and rewards of the 2020 regulatory landscape,

How Elf Cosmetics Created the Most Influential Campaign on TikTok,

Social Media Wrap

Inside the hate factory: how Facebook fuels far-right profit,

Elon Musk defends his right to be a Twitter troll at 'pedo guy' trial,

Chirp debuts a faster, feature-filled Twitter app for Apple Watch,

Twitter’s New @TwitterRetweets Handle Will Highlight Tweets That Go Viral,

Peloton Started A War On Twitter. Guess What? No One Ever Wins Those,

Facebook Invites People to Fundraise IRL at Holiday Pop-Ups,

Trump gets a Facebook thumbs-up hand graft on Time’s latest cover,

All In

America’s Air Quality Worsens, Ending Years of Gains, Study Says,

Zero gravity kills cancer cells,

Latin Dictionary’s Journey: A to Zythum in 125 Years and Counting,

What’s Your Personal Productivity Style?,

Breast Cancer Linked to Permanent Hair Dye and Chemical Hair Straighteners,

Kashmiris, who are subject to an ongoing four month internet shutdown, are losing their WhatsApp accounts because of the platform's policy on inactive accounts,

Why Climate Alarmism Hurts Us All,

Even 50-year-old climate models correctly predicted global warming,

Meet the Activists Risking Prison to Film VR in Factory Farms,