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Asia-Pacific Marketing Wrap

‘What would Jesus do?’ asks provocative organ donation ad,

BBC Studios Appoints We Are Social,

What brands and marketers can learn from film theory,

The Everest horse race: All PR is good PR… or is it?,

If advertising is dead, then it’s a nice time to start doing advertising,

Don’t throw the baby boomer out with the bathwater,

Move Over Barry Humphries: A New Australia Is In Demand,

It's just not Cricket: Foxtel launches new 'Cricket like never before' campaign via DDB Sydney,

Global Marketing Wrap

These Print And Digital Publishers Are Redefining What It Means to Be a Media Brand in 2018,

How Adweek Media Visionary Ellen DeGeneres Built a Media Empire,

Why the FBI is investigating media buying practices,

How Alibaba gets brands to design products primed for its Tmall customers,

‘Maximize results and minimize pain:’ To ease branded content pains, agencies appoint creative experts,

How big banks are rethinking the role of the physical branch,

2018’s Digital Hot List: The Movers and Innovators That Got Us Excited This Year,

How Data From Alibaba Helped Make Fruity Listerine and Spicy Snickers,

‘Too many players, not enough choice’: What’s driving ad tech consolidation,

Overseeing 11 Networks, From HGTV to ID, Kathleen Finch Knows What Female Cable Viewers Want,

Kenya Barris Reinvented the Family Comedy With Black-ish. Now He’ll Do It Again at Netflix,

Social Media Wrap

How to Delete Facebook and Instagram from Your Life Forever,

Instagram Has a Massive Harassment Problem,

The FBI Is Now Investigating Facebook's Security Breach Where Attackers Accessed,

Glen Weyl on Technology and Social Innovation,

5 Instagram Marketing Trends We Will See in 2019,

Nobody trusts Facebook anymore. Here’s one way it could change that.,

Political ads study finds the right favors Google, the left Facebook and Twitter,

Hackers are Selling Social Media Logins & Financial Details On Dark Web starting from £2,

Donald Trump is the most prolific Facebook advertiser this midterm season,

All In

Tesco ban on shoppers in pyjamas (2010),

Urmila Mahadev, a UC Berkeley grad student, solves the fundamental problem of finding a protocol by which a classical computer can verify a quantum computation,

My Fiancé Jamal Khashoggi Was a Lonely Patriot,

Sears Files for Bankruptcy,

40% of the American middle class face poverty in retirement, study concludes,

Police spies infiltrated UK leftwing groups for decades,

Trees Could Change the Climate More Than Scientists Thought,

The Cryptocurrency Industry Is 'On the Brink of an Implosion', Research Says,

A look at how fascist activists discover their ideology on the internet, with 39 of the 75 individuals studied crediting content they found on YouTube,

Inside the making of Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 from a 2,000 page script, with 300K animations and 500K lines of dialogue with 700 voice actors,

The New Palm Is a Tiny Phone to Keep You Away From Your Phone,

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