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Marketing Wrap

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says Goldman’s Apple Card algorithm discriminates,

Bleacher Report’s B/R Football produces interactive show to boost YouTube viewership,

Barron’s Group and Nasdaq have teamed up to launch a new weekly show,

WTF is demand-path optimization?,

David & Goliath co-founder on what people get wrong about brand purpose,

Alibaba Hits $38.4 Billion on Singles Day 2019,

The Weather Channel App Can Now Forecast Your Flu Risk,

The Biggest Takeaways From Brandweek,

How Vail Resorts uses data-driven marketing to boost loyalty in the ski business,

Consumers Eat More Snacks Than Meals, According to New Mondelēz Report,

Social Media Wrap

Close Election in Kentucky Was Ripe for Twitter, and an Omen for 2020,

Instagram covers IGTV video production costs for some creators as long as the videos do not include content about social issues, elections, or politics,

Amazon’s roadmap for Alexa is scarier than anything Facebook or Twitter is doing,

Twitter drafts a deepfake policy that would label and warn, but not remove, manipulated media,

AUX by Facebook — A social music listening app from Facebook,

Facebook Will Hide U.K. Election Posts Flagged by Fact-Checkers Behind Grey Screen,

Amazon up against declining social sentiment this holiday,

All In

I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike,

The 'Glass Floor' Is Keeping America's Richest Idiots at the Top,

Navy Submarine, Missing for 75 Years, Is Found Off Okinawa,

Let’s end publicly funded Catholic schools – The Globe and Mail,

Tokyo's 2D Cafe,

The transit of Mercury starts at 7:35 am ET tomorrow and will last for 5.5 hours,

‘Go Back to California’: Wave of Newcomers Fuels Backlash in Boise,

Mysterious Laser Turret Appears on US Navy Destroyer USS Dewey,

How Not to Die,

404 Page Not Found,

A dummies guide to running brand campaigns on TikTok in India,