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Marketing Wrap

Nike Stock Takes a Hit After Duke Star Player Zion Williamson’s Shoe Splits on the Court,

ASMR Marketing Is Officially Dead After This Soothing 4-Minute Clip About Shaving Your Balls,

Medium is launching four of its own subscription publications — with more to come,

Look Out, Colonel Sanders: Burger King Is Calling Itself the KFG, ‘King of Flame Grilling’,

5 things we learned at the Winter Podcast Upfronts,

YouTube Sends Memo to Major Brands and Holding Companies Regarding Latest Ad Safety Controversy,

‘Retention is a key strategic element for all publishers’: European publishers focus on churn,

Biddable Ads Are Coming to TikTok, Opening Up the Popular Platform to More Marketers,

Google’s Waze partners with WPP to grow its advertising platform,

Beloved Carvel Ice Cream Monstrosity Cookie Puss Now Has Its Own Beer,

Why mentorships matter for the marginalized,

Privacy activists target the IAB Europe’s GDPR approach,

Digiday Research: 62 percent of publishers plan to spend more on video production,

With $23m in fresh funding, Overtime wants to move beyond viral dunk clips to build a ‘next-generation sports network’,

Radio Companies Are Eyeing Podcasts as Viable Investments,

Social Media Wrap

Facebook Decided Which Users Are Interested in Nazis – and Let Ads Target Them,

EU Countries Back Copyright Reforms Aimed at Google, Facebook, (Beta) – Micropayments on Twitter,

Consumer Groups Accuse Facebook of Duping Children,

Why did Twitter’s Jack Dorsey publicly respond to an American journalist but not Barkha Dutt?,

Facebook Users Didn’t Squash Conversations About Chayote in January,

Kids Groups Are Urging the FTC to Investigate Facebook Over In-Game Purchases,

How Brand Experiences and Social Media Intersect,

All In

Kids googling themselves for the first time face shock, frustration, and sometimes excitement at content parents had been posting about them since their birth,

The Beach Nobody Can Touch,

A Different Kind of Theory of Everything,

China Uses DNA to Track Its People. It Got Help from the U.S.,

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé is retiring, and will be replaced by the VP of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser on April 15,

Trump calls for 6G cellular technology, because why the heck not,

Emoji Number Plates Launched in Queensland,

Elizabeth Holmes' Final Months at Theranos,

7 Scenarios For How the Mueller Probe Might End,

Samsung's $2,000 Galaxy Fold changes the smartphone game,

America’s Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable,

New Breed of Fuel Pump Skimmer Uses SMS and Bluetooth,

A Curated List of Falsehoods Programmers Believe In,

Young Indians are living the Bollywood life via TikTok,

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