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Marketing Wrap

How Retailers Are Turning Plastic Bag Bans Into a Branding Opportunity,

Planters kills off its mascot in supposed Super Bowl commercial leak,

Publishers and marketers are mostly absent from key group deciding what comes after the third-party cookie,

Architectural Digest turns 100—and looks younger than it has in years,

The latest YouTube brand safety ‘crisis’ shows advertisers are taking a more nuanced approach,

Snickers aims to ‘Fix the World’ with its upcoming Super Bowl spot,

The inside story of the four-day workweek,

How Hearst is building an ‘experiences’ business,

Why You Should Think Irrationally in 2020 Like These Brands Did,

Advertisers see early promise in TikTok’s self-serve ad platform,

Bloomberg Focuses on Climate Change With New Vertical,

Social Media Wrap

Facebook says it plans to hire 1,000 workers in the UK this year, with over half in technology, bringing its total in the UK to over 4,000,

SCOTUS declines to review Facebook facial recognition case, meaning FB will likely face a class-action suit alleging its photo-tagging feature violated IL law,

Instagram for Windows 95,

India likely to force Facebook, WhatsApp to identify the originator of messages,

Facebook speeds up AI training by culling the weak,

If you look on social media, it's all love stories and no divorce. But that's not life | Derecka Purnell,

Trump compared climate-change activists to “radical socialists” at Davos,

A social activist’s radical plan to use human relationships to fix the broken economy,

Twitter Saw 6.1 Billion K-Pop-Related Tweets in 2019,

All In

Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil,

Deaf man sues Pornhub over lack of closed captions in violation of the ADA.,

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince',

Boeing has officially stopped making 737 Max airplanes,

Amazon to ramp up counterfeit reporting to law enforcement,

Tencent plans a major update to WeChat and is inviting select users to try out a new short video publishing feature, to counter ByteDance Douyin app's dominance,

Sources: Apple dropped plan to encrypt backups of devices in iCloud about two years ago, after the FBI complained that the move would harm investigations,

Summer Sea Ice Could End This Decade: The Voyage to the End of Ice,

Lego made an International Space Station kit, including Space Shuttle and robotic arm,