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Marketing Wrap

Volvo Orbits the Earth in the Final Chapter of Its Epic, Time-Twisting Trilogy,

Cat Videos and Business Don’t Mix in These Bright Ads for a Dual-Screen Smartphone,

Own your power: Replace ‘you’re making me uncomfortable’ with something more direct,

Has Marketing Become an 'Island Surrounded by Mirrors'?,

Remember Disaster Girl? A New Ad Campaign Digs Deeper Into the Mysterious Meme,

This Agency Thinks Blockchain Is the Answer to Advertising’s Media Transparency Issues,

One to Watch in 2018: Augmented Commerce,

Penske Media Acquires Sourcing Journal to Further Its Fashion and Retail Coverage,

Mashable Will Reportedly Be Bought By Ziff-Davis for Just $50 Million,

Niche or reach: the power of influencer marketing,

Social Media Wrap

Dril, Twitter's weirdest hero, just got doxxed — and the internet is sad,

Twitter to Suspend Accounts for Behavior Off Their Platform,

Artland is a social art market that connects galleries and buyers,

Twitter confirms it's testing a tweetstorm feature,

How Facebook's Instagram Acquisition Led to the Open Sourcing of React.js,

How Hyundai Found Its Footing on Social Using This AI Influencer Technology,

Two years after going public, Square is now worth more than Twitter,

Why Amazon, Facebook and Google can all be beaten,

Crunch Report | Twitter tests a new tweetstorm feature and Tesla unveils a semi truck,

One of Facebook's most popular pages was just shut down,

All In

AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young dies at 64,

Tesla unveils the new Roadster,

Slaughterbots: Stop Autonomous Weapons,

Norway oil stock exit idea “shot heard round the world',

A helium-resistant material could finally usher in the age of nuclear fusion,

Germany replaces US as country with best international image,

Sheriff Jails Woman for Anti-Trump Bumper Sticker,

The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked,

Some birds use discarded cigarettes to fumigate their nests,