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Marketing Wrap

Gillette Asks How We Define Masculinity in the #MeToo Era as ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ Turns 30,

Jason Bateman’s Dry, Witty Humor Will Star in Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ad,

How Politico Europe grew its subscriptions business by 50 percent in 2018,

Skittles’ Big Play on Super Bowl Sunday Will Be … an Actual Play,

Despite limitations, publishers plot more augmented reality for 2019,

Why Privacy Standards Need to Catch Up With the Rapidly Advancing Internet of Things,

Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer Open Up About Making Morning TV History,

‘You have to sell advertisers what they need, not what you want’: Q&A with Conde Nast chief revenue officer, Pamela Drucker Mann,

‘Play to the strengths of each platform’: Inside Diageo’s voice ads strategy,

Pitch deck: How billboard boat company Ballyhoo Media sells itself to brands,

‘Wholesale is an important part’: Why athletic brand Alala is bucking the DTC trend,

Tazo Pokes Fun at Sedate and Serene Tea Ads in It First Campaign From Vice’s Agency, Virtue,

Fox Takes Its Marketing Campaign for New Drama The Passage to an Unlikely Source: Amazon,

Social Media Wrap

An Egg, Just a Regular Egg, Is Instagram’s Most-Liked Post Ever,

A first look at Twitter’s new beta app and its bid to remain ‘valuable and relevant’,

Facebook adds the option to share events to Stories, message friends ‘interested’ in going,

Drinking your own urine? There's a Facebook group for that. Two, even,

‘Efficient’: Publishers are recycling their Instagram efforts for Facebook Stories,

A photo of an egg has become the most-liked post on Instagram,

Google employees are launching a social media blitz to pressure tech giants on workplace harassment issues,

Schedule Instagram Stories with Later — Visually plan, schedule, and optimize Instagram Stories,

All In

Notion – An «all-in-one» workspace,

China Sentences Canadian, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, to Death,

Hospitals Must Now Post Prices. But It May Take a Brain Surgeon to Decipher Them,

USB-C headphones were virtually absent at CES 2019, failing to catch on because of continuing compatibility issues and the lack of quality hardware,

Transhumanist science will free women from their biological clocks,

In-car video analysis tech demoed at CES aims to help carmakers and ride-hailing firms gather data to sell while enhancing safety by observing driver behavior,

A summary and curation of the top-ranked content on Node.js best practices,

SpaceX Layoffs Include 577 Positions at California Headquarters,

The Rise and Rise of Chinese Science Fiction,

OnePlus is crushing Apple’s iPhone dream in India,

Bio-Printers Are Churning out Living Fixes to Broken Spines,

How PayPal's user growth and stock price have risen after teaming up with former foes like Visa; sources: Venmo still loses hundreds of millions annually,

Australian Government Design System,