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Marketing Wrap

Best Places to Work 2017,

BBDO Staff Do Timesheets on the Toilet in Innovative Time$hits Initiative,

Confessions of an agency millennial: ‘Nobody wants to help each other’,

How Linda Yaccarino became the media’s evangelist on fixing digital advertising,

Why Brands Should Look to Hollywood for Storytelling Inspiration,

DSPs are under pressure to adopt ads.txt,

Lowe’s Built an Escape Room and Challenged Four DIYers to Build Their Way Out,

The Telegraph finds success with Apple News,

This Delightful Ad for Book of the Month Makes a Bunch of Period Jokes and It’s Actually Funny,

Infographic: Shoppers Are Researching Online Before Buying In-store, and Vice Versa,

Social Media Wrap

Artist’s 'sexual' robin redbreast Christmas cards banned by Facebook,

'Way too little, way too late': Facebook's fact checkers say effort is failing,

How three ProPublica reporters were attacked with Twitter bots and "email bombs" that forced the closure of reporters' email accounts,

Stories are about to invade your Facebook News Feed in a major way,

Instagram will soon let users follow hashtags in addition to accounts,

Twitter users are having a field day mocking Trump after he insulted Kim Jong-un,

ESPN launches a short-form version of SportsCenter on Snapchat,

Ewan McGregor Narrates Cinderella for the Social-Media Age in Cinematic Christmas Ad,

Sounds of progress: The future of social listening,

Women-Only Social Club The Wing Launches a Bi-Annual Print Magazine,

All In

A Green Beret Found Two SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed,

When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot for Humans?,

UK parliament to get binding vote on final Brexit deal,

How Corporations and the Wealthy Avoid Taxes (and How to Stop Them),

The most downvoted comment in Reddit's history (-285k),

Gates notes: Why i'm digging deep into alzheimer's,

Air Travelers Resisting the ‘Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat’,

Hackers Claim to Break Face ID a Week After iPhone X Release,

Bitcoin Plunges More Than 25% in Four Days,

Muslim activists hack Isis mail hrs after terrorists claimed it was unhackable,

Free Money: The Surprising Effects of a Basic Income Supplied by Government,

TSA Plans to Use Face Recognition to Track Americans Through Airports,