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Marketing Wrap

Back from the dead, the XFL enjoys a lively opening weekend,

KFC and Crocs Have Joined Forces to Create the Ultimate Fried Chicken Footwear,

Westminster Dog Show makes debut on TikTok in bid to win over Gen Z,

Opinion: Return on emotion is the new ROI,

‘Everything we do is about DTC’: Inside L’Oreal’s tech hub,

Carl’s Jr. Ads, Once Uncomfortably Horny, Are Now Just Numbingly Bland,

How Megan Clarken plans to get Criteo out of the ad retargeting ‘box’,

‘King Kong jumping off the Empire State Building:’ Quibi’s $400m marketing push spans TV, in-person screenings,

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's reunite in national ads featuring Happy Star as a brand mascot,

Cosmopolitan’s Jessica Pels on growing up with ballet, picking up new skills—and Bernie Sanders’ skin care,

Out-of-Home Viewers Push Super Bowl 54 Total Audience Past Coveted 100 Million Mark,

Social Media Wrap

'Naked intimidation': how universities silence academics on social media,

Britain’s Government Announces Plans To Regulate Facebook, Twitter And TikTok,

Facebook will pay Reuters to fact-check Deepfakes and more,

Ireland's Data Protection Commission: Facebook has postponed launching Dating on Valentine's Day in Europe after DPC resorted to an inspection to procure docs,

Facebook says it has banned a network of two dozen fake pages and accounts linked to two South Asian telecom providers for using disinformation against rivals,

As Instagram tests IGTV ads, it will need to get influencers on board,

Snapchat Begins Rolling Out Here for You Feature for Users Who May Be Struggling,

WhatsApp follows Facebook and YouTube to over 2 billion monthly users,

All In

Hard Data Shows a Centrist Democrat Would Be a Losing Candidate,

Powerful Radio Signal from Deep Space,

Coronavirus Stats,

People Born Blind Are Mysteriously Protected from Schizophrenia,

Rise in sulfur dioxide could be sign of mass cremations in Wuhan,


SoftBank's Vision Fund posts an operating loss of $2.05B in Q4 compared to a $1.6B profit a year earlier; Vision Fund invested $74.6B in 88 companies as of Q4,

Spiders think with their webs, challenging our ideas of intelligence,

Beer Waste Saves Montana Town $1M on Water Treatment,