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Marketing Wrap

VMLY&R adds Nature's Bounty to growing client roster,

In-house agency specialist Oliver sells majority stake to You & Mr Jones,

Kraft-Heinz Is Pushing Its Frozen Food Brand During the Super Bowl With an ‘Edgy’ Campaign,

Despite Mainstream Hurdles, More VR and AR Announcements Expected In 2019,

Why Brands Like Pabst and GoPro Still Rely on Fans for Marketing, and Probably Always Will,

Surprise, It’s Another Autonomous Grocery Delivery Pilot,

BuzzFeed News’ Netflix Show Won’t Get a Second Season,

Persil Returns for Its Fourth Consecutive Super Bowl,

‘You can thank Amazon Go’: The Amazon age is transforming the grocery store,

PopSugar aims to grow events business by tapping into the wellness craze,

The Rundown: Amazon’s latest advertising play could cause a privacy headache,

Nest Bedding’s newest mattress will only be sold on Amazon,

Target’s investment in store pickup for online orders is paying off,

Social Media Wrap

I work with kids.Here’s why they’re consumed with anxiety.It's not social media,

Twitter Users in China Face Detention and Threats in New Beijing Crackdown,

For many adolescents, TikTok videos they consume are primarily repurposed content on curated YouTube channels and Instagram meme accounts,

Twitter and NBA game streaming deal is about connecting with cord-cutters and younger fans,

What are social media companies doing about suicidal posts?,

Twitter tests status updates and other features to improve 'conversational health',

Want Facebook Engagement? Post Videos, and Make Them Funny or Inspirational,

Inside Snapchat’s content creator incubator Yellow,

CES Briefing: Inside Facebook’s ad platform clean up,

ShareIt by SocialPilot — Free Content Curation and Influencer Discovery Tool,

All In

People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds,

The 'doomsday' scenario: what happens if the shutdown drags on,

With $137B at Stake, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos to Divorce,

1958 TV Episode Featured a Grifter Named Trump Who Cons a Town Into Building a Wall,

British Museum realises 'vase' is in fact an ancient mace-head upside down,

'Traditional masculinity' labeled 'harmful' by the American Psychological Assc,

Beauty Is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution,

Our Sex Toy Won a CES Robotics Innovation Award, Then They Took It Back,

Mobile retail banking startup N26 is raising $300M Series D at a $2.7B valuation led by Insight Venture Partners, says it is live in 24 European markets,

Recreating the Death Star Trench Run Scene with Lego,

For Owners of Ring Security Cameras, Strangers May Have Been Watching Too,

Tech Fix: CES 2019: It’s the Year of Virtual Assistants and 5G ,

AWS gives open source the middle finger,

10 Personal Finance Lessons for Technology Professionals by Troy Hunt,