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Marketing Wrap

This Innovative Billboard Uses Noise Pollution to Charge Electric Cars,

This Comedy Writer Built a Bot to Host a Surreal Talk Show,

Nike to Stop Selling Its Products on Amazon in E-Commerce Pivot,

A Single Mom Receives an Unlikely but Appreciated Gift for Christmas in Hobby Lobby Ad,

As Apple stakes out an aggressive pro-privacy stance, Google occupies middle ground,

U.S. TV Ad Spending May Never Return to Its 2018 High of $72.4 Billion,

Nestlé Is Doubling Down on Ad Tech,

Streaming wars are starting to claim casualties,

Publishers try new tacks to drum up interest in their ad platforms,

Inside ITV’s plan to sell programmatic ads in streaming programming next year,

Social Media Wrap

Black Facebook staff describe workplace racism in anonymous letter,

A look at Facebook's past views on China and how they changed as TikTok became popular; sources: Facebook held serious acquisition talks with in 2016,

Social media influencers are encouraging teens to be real in their posts instead of perfect, making them vulnerable to predators looking to take advantage,

Facebook says government demands for user data are at a record high, launches, offering help for social projects,

The average price Instagram influencers are paid for sponsored posts has been $1,643 in 2019, up from $1,144 in 2018, says a study from marketing firm Izea,

TikTok Is Running Ads Targeting Potential Facebook Advertisers,

How Mark Zuckerberg plans to make money with Facebook Pay,

Facebook Brings Political and Issue Ad Policies, Transparency Tools to Taiwan,

Gucci Transports Snapchatters to a Virtual Psychedelic Tropical Island,

All In

Dean Foods, America's largest milk producer, files for bankruptcy,

Venice Floods Because of Highest Tide in 50 Years,

Tesla cites Brexit as Germany chosen over UK for European plant,

MacBook Pro 16-Inch,

Disney says Disney+ has seen 10M signups since launching on Tuesday,

A look at Walmart's attempt to unify its legacy and online store units, causing an internal culture clash, as e-commerce investments pinch the company's margins,

Federal judge rules Trump administration's decision to let 3D-printed gun blueprints be shared online was illegal, following lawsuits from several states,

I’m Not Shitting You: Disney+ Version of ‘Star Wars‘ Alters the Han/Greedo Scene Again,

Netflix and Nickelodeon partner on original programming, following Disney+ launch,

Don’t Call Me a Pessimist on Climate Change. I Am a Realist,