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Marketing Wrap

A Duckling Who Idolizes Donald Duck Will Melt Your Heart in This Disneyland Paris Ad,

Not Into Sports Bars? You Might Prefer This ‘Reality Bar,’ Xfinity’s Spot for Reality TV Lovers,

Ad Age's 2019 industry predictions,

Reddit COO Jen Wong and Spotify Global VP Danielle Lee Talk Data, Diversity and Inclusion,

Why TV will undergo a year of rapid marketing evolution,

What Ever Happened to Netscape?,

Microsoft Reboots Its Look to Better Connect With Consumers,

Almost 26 Million U.S. Viewers Watched Netflix’s Bird Box in Its First Week, Nielsen Says,

Mastercard Drops Name From Its Iconic Logo in an Effort to Modernize,

With 800,000 members, The Sun’s loyalty program is driving other revenue streams,

How We Are Rosie created an 800-person freelance marketplace for brands and agencies,

Hulu Draws in 25 Million Subscribers and Almost $1.5 Billion in Ad Revenue,

Turner is using AT&T’s subscriber data to sell targeted TV ads with Xandr,

Retail briefing: Amazon sellers battle over the buy box,

Social Media Wrap

The Dry Alabama Facebook ad campaign, which associated Roy Moore with calls for a statewide alcohol ban during the Senate race, was a false flag op by Democrats,

Over a dozen ex-Facebook employees detail how the company's leaders and stacked ranking performance reviews foster a culture where any dissent is discouraged,

Politicians cannot block social media foes: U.S. appeals court,

Towards a Bra-Free Instagram Experience,

Facebook Poaches Top Research Scientist From Google DeepMind,

Facebook is investigating whether News for Democracy, a left-leaning organization backed by Reid Hoffman, violated its community standards and ad policies,

Women In Rural India Are Defying Their Communities By Going Undercover On Facebook,

How Instagram takes a toll on influencers' brains,

Moving Beyond Social Media Towards News As "Big Data" In The Cloud Era,

Twitter’s MoPub Mobile Ad Platform Is Now Integrated With Pixalate, DoubleVerify,

Fox Sports Is Teaming Up With Twitter for FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019,

Snapchat Says Its App Makes Users Happy, but Using Facebook and Twitter Leaves Them in a Pit of Misery,

All In

1,150 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, Etc.,

Autonomous Robot Hit and ‘Killed’ by Self-Driving Tesla,

Sears plans to shutter after 126 years in business,

In 'Never Too Late,' Finally, a Guide for Adults Going to College,

I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone,

Lambda School, which trains students online to be software engineers in exchange for a share of future income, raises $30M Series B from Bedrock, GV, YC, others,

Jerry Seinfeld’s Tribute to Bob Einstein,

Flipping the economics of paying for education, because they're upside down,

The “skills gap” was a lie,

Google’s Project Soli radar is sensitive enough to count sheets of paper,

Study Offers Clues to Racial Differences in Alzheimer's Disease,

IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer,

Meat-free 'Impossible Burger 2.0' tastes even closer to the real deal,

Samsung and Apple, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G,