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Marketing Wrap

Former We're Magnetic, Anomaly, A2G execs open brand experience shop,

Amazon is slashing royalties for video makers uploading to Prime Video,

Google Removed 2 Million Pages a Month From Its Ad Network in 2018 for Policy Violations,

Lush Is Using Machine Learning and AI to Make Wasteful Packaging and Signage Irrelevant,

Nutella tests out voice commerce with first sampling push in the US,

Dell Turned Sustainability Into an Immersive Experience at SXSW,

To chase addressable TV budgets, YouTube is changing how it pitches YouTube TV,

The Good Fight Creators on Tackling Trump and Les Moonves, and Why There’s No Place Like Home,

How Target is getting more DTC brands to sell in its stores,

Why DTC brand Grayson is launching with wholesale partnerships,

The Rundown: Why can’t agencies bill on outcomes?,

Social Media Wrap

Facebook’s Data Deals Are Under Criminal Investigation,

Telegram gets 3M new signups during Facebook apps’ outage,

When Facebook Goes Down, Don't Blame Hackers,

Cofounder Who Sold WhatsApp To Facebook For $19 Billion Tells Students To Delete Facebook,

Facebook blames a server configuration change for yesterday’s outage,

Facebook is rolling out Watch Party support for live TV, with tools for adding trivia, polls, and more, testing first in Facebook Groups with live sports events,

Facebook won’t store data in countries with human rights violations — except Singapore,

Twitter wants workforce to be at least 5% black, 5% Latinx by the end of this year,

Brands Hopped to Facebook Last Year for Their Easter-Related Posts (Infographic),

What Are Some of the Conversation Tweaks Twitter Is Testing in Its Prototype App?,

All In

Death metal music inspires joy not violence,

Chickens 'gang up' to kill intruder fox on French farm,

Iranian lawyer who defended women’s right to remove hijab gets 38 years,

A $25,000 robot barista serves 120 cups of coffee an hour-(dubbed ‘job killer’),

Why Do So Many Egyptian Statues Have Broken Noses?,

A Story About Piracy,

Ever Wished Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? (2014),

‘The World Pulls the Andon Cord on the 737 Max’,

Stanford students sue UCLA, USC and Yale over college admissions scandals,

Andrew Yang qualifies for first DNC debate with 65,000 unique donors,

List of Stuff Killed by Google,

Kamala Harris Wants to Give States Millions to Overhaul Tech,

AT&T Is Dragging HBO's Streaming Strategy Out of the Dark Ages,

Can Boeing Trust Pilots?,