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Marketing Wrap

Ad Age Best Places to Work 2019,

HBO Upstages Golden Globes With Ad Showing New Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies Footage,

Watch the Batmobile Stop to Pick Up Groceries in Walmart’s Latest Spot,

Pepsi and William H. Macy Created an Ad Homage to ‘Arrival’ for the Golden Globes,

Marketing has a ‘ghosting’ problem,

Chevy skips 'Real People' approach for new Silverado campaign,

Nielsen Adds Mobile and OTT Measurement to Its Total Ad Ratings Amid Standoff With CBS,

Exploring How Neuroscience Can Affect a Marketing Strategy,

Quartz shrinks UK commercial team, citing revenue ‘slow-down’ due to Brexit,

How Google-backed MediaWise is teaching teens media literacy,

The programmatic marketer’s 2019 checklist,

Electric Scooters Are Remaking Mass Transit While Driving Profits for Service Providers,

Digiday Research: Brands plan to take various marketing functions in-house in 2019,

How Vox Media’s Verge Science is growing on YouTube,

Cannes in the Desert: Advertising, media execs head to CES for the industry’s annual kick-off,

Social Media Wrap

Facebook takes down Britain First ads,

Japanese monks hit Twitter to protest driving ticket in most brilliant way,

Twitter and BuzzFeed extend ‘AM to DM’ for another year,

Facebook Loosing Users To Pinterest, Youtube And Twitter (Market Share By Region),

The Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs Ruled Facebook as the NFL Regular Season Ended,

The Spirit of Freddie Mercury Visited Twitter and Facebook During the Golden Globes,

The PGA Tour Extended and Expanded Its Livestreaming Pact With Twitter,

Why Snapchat Is Failing Its Creative Community,

All In

India scientists dismiss Einstein theories,

Record Numbers of Americans Want to Leave the U.S,

The money, job, marriage myth: are you happy yet?,

Bill Gates Just Published a Letter Urging US Leaders to Embrace Nuclear Energy,

'Dear NIMBYs' – An Open Letter from a Homeless Woman in LA,

GitHub now gives users of its free plan access to unlimited private repositories, but those repos are limited to three collaborators apiece,

ARP founder Alan R. Pearlman has died,

Steve Jobs on why Xerox failed,

Tennessee doctors earn big money denying disability claims,

11,000 Digitized Books from 1923 Now Available Online at the Internet Archive,

Why more buildings should be made of wood,

Before the Electric Car Takes Over, Someone Needs to Reinvent the Battery,

MegaProcessor (2017) [video],

$1T is leaving Britain because of Brexit,

Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think?,

The Top 12 Posts Tumblr Didn’t Like,