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Australian Marketing Wrap

Can We Please Stop Using The ‘C’ Word, Please (That’s content, By The Way),

Business missing the marketing goldmine that is mobile commerce,

WiTH Collective leads the charge at finalist round of the 2016 ADMA AC&E Awards with 17 finalists,

Cutting Edge animates a flora wonderland for new Cairns Regional Council TV campaign via Redsuit,

Nine appoints Fairfax Media’s Nathan Powell as director of digital sales product,

Red Balloon searching for CMO to continue company transition,

OMD’s $1.6 Million Social Impact For Kids In Foster Care,

Havas launches Havas Ventures to provide marketing expertise to emerging businesses,

Global Marketing Wrap

The 30 most creative people in advertising 2016,

Why Adidas Is Suddenly Selling Odd Pairs of Shoes … Two Rights or Two Lefts,

Skittles Responds Tersely to Donald Trump Jr.'s Tweet Likening Refugees to Candy,

Spotify and Tinder Want to Help Connect Users Through Their Musical Tastes,

Funny Business: What Standup Comedy Taught Me About Pitching Work to Clients,

Cosmo Designed a Car for Women, and That's Going Over About as Well as You'd Expect,

Sonos and Rough Trade Are Giving Music Geeks the Airbnb Listing of Their Dreams,

Timberland Really Wants You to Stop Lying About Seeing This Weird Motorcycle Guy at Work,

Party Coverage: Scene City: In London, Cocktails for 500 Fashion Influencers,

Social Media Wrap

Why Facebook is public enemy number one for newspapers, and journalism,

With Facebook's flaws in the spotlight, Mark Zuckerberg's silence is deafening,

Instagram rolls out a “Save Draft” feature to all users,

Terence Crutcher’s shooting absent from Facebook Trends,

ABC News teams up with Facebook to live stream the 2016 general election debates,

Facebook makes its dynamic ads more friendly to brick-and-mortar retailers,

Twitter lays off around 20, shuts down engineering office in Bangalore, India,

Police records show Denver police spent $30K on social media surveillance tools for at least a dozen networks in May (Dell Cameron/The Daily Dot),

All In

MoMA Will Make Thousands of Exhibition Images Available Online,

SanDisk's 1TB SD card has more storage than your laptop,

U.S. Signals Backing for Self-Driving Cars,

Google teases October 4th announcement,

Why Do People Who Need Help from the Government Hate It So Much?,

String theorys second life,

When Blind People Do Algebra, the Brain's Visual Areas Light Up,

In China, women launch 55% of Internet companies, and make up 17% of investing partners in VC firms (Bloomberg),