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Australian Marketing Wrap

Top 10 Aussie ads of 2016,

Director Lester Jones launches 'Odyssey' a film for A.McDonald shoe collection via In The Thicket,

WPP launches The Store across Australia and New Zealand,

Is a pop-up shop right for your brand?,

To mark UNICEF 70th anniversary Marcel Sydney launches 'For Every Child' global inititiative,

Top 10 ad complaints for 2016,

Volkswagen calls on ute lovers to uncover real power in new Amarok V6 work via DDB Sydney,

Jules Lund and Konrad Splilva back Polaroid startup,

Clients are demanding more bespoke agency models,

Global Marketing Wrap

U.N. Drops Wonder Woman as an Ambassador,

16 Brilliant Outdoor Ads That Rocked the Real World in 2016,

Nick Offerman's Hour-Long New Year's Eve Countdown Ad for Lagavulin Couldn't Be Mellower,

Europe is planning to finally scrap those annoying cookie pop-ups on websites,

Pan Am’s Soaring Brand Image Comes Alive in These Remarkable Old Photos,

Why Hershey’s Kisses Have Been Part of the Cultural Fabric of the Holidays Since 1907,

The Carpetbagger: Golden Globe Nominee Reactions,

How New Balance, Pepsi and Kellogg's Were Impacted by Trump Controversies,

Social Media Wrap

Snapchat introduces Groups with up to 16 people, plus new creative tools,

Instagram Mashup Maestro Attaches Donald Trump's Face to Queen Elizabeth II's Body,

Bacardi and Swizz Beatz Just Created a New Kind of DJ Experience on Instagram,

Why Twitter thinks Richard Spencer isn't offensive enough to be banned,

How Sperry's 'Micro-Influencers' Reach Impressive Heights for Little Cost on Instagram,

All In

Listen to world radio by navigating interactive globe,

Leonardo Da Vinci Lost Drawing Discovered,

Uber’s Privacy Data Problems,

Pharma Execs Arrested Over Fentanyl Rackateering,

Apple's massive emoji redesign arrives with iOS 10.2,

The world needs to wake up and call Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal war on drug addicts what it is: genocide,

Someone Began Dumping Stock Before Trump Attacked Lockheed,

Resolve simple merge conflicts on GitHub,