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Marketing Wrap

One of the Best Holiday Ads in Years Just Kicked Off Christmas Season,

Why One Ikea Location Suddenly Has Quotes Around Its Name,

Tina Fey takes the driver’s seat in Allstate’s new Mayhem spots,

Why The Washington Post is looking more like a tech company every day,

Most agency jobs will be automated by 2030, Forrester predicts,

NYC Marathon Runners Have a New, Natural Way to Cool Off,

Target’s Holiday Campaign Features a Cast of 125 in Nearly 100 Scenes,

The Lyrics to ‘I Will Survive’ Become Powerful Words of Defiance in This Cancer PSA,

The Bigger the Waves in Hawaii, the Lower the Alaska Airlines Fares,

Why Future has turned into a media consolidator,

Social Media Wrap

Facebook says it will not fact-check ads by UK political parties and candidates running in December election, but will fact-check political groups like Leave.EU,

Trump has integrated Twitter into the very fabric of his administration, and, via more than 11,000 tweets, has reshaped the presidency,

How key Republicans inside Facebook are shifting its politics to the right,

Investigation finds domestic workers in Kuwait are bought and sold online through Instagram, promoted via hashtags, and other apps on Play Store and App Store,

Facebook's 'free speech' claims don't work when democracy is crumbling | Julia Carrie Wong,

Zuckerberg's View of Speech on Facebook Is Stuck in 2004,

Twitter’s political ads ban is a distraction from the real problem with platforms,

Pinterest's Evan Sharp is building a kinder social network,

Tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter cool interest in broadcasting live sports,

All In

US debt surpasses $23T for first time,

Deep Sleep May Help the Brain Clear Alzheimer's Toxins,

'Alarming' loss of insects and spiders recorded,

Kids Who Get Driven Everywhere Don't Know Where They're Going,

Engineer Says Software Firm Cut Her Maternity Leave Short After Her Baby Died,

You May Have to Wait to Borrow a New E-Book from the Library,

Google releases patch for a Chrome zero-day vulnerability being used in the wild that allows hackers to escape sandbox protections via malicious websites,

Illegal drones ground water-dropping helicopters in Maria fire,

The Money Farmers: How Oligarchs and Populists Milk the E.U. For Millions,

Microsoft Japan’s 3-Day Weekend Boosts Worker Productivity by 40%,

TikTok Said to Be Under National Security Review,