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Marketing Wrap

Troubled Brands Turning to Johannes Leonardo Is a Sign the Agency Has ‘Come of Age’,

Havas-Owned BETC Pushes the Envelope and Breaks the Rules,

Wieden + Kennedy Makes Magic—and Notches Impressive Growth—by Leaning Into Core Strengths,

How Hallmark Channel Made Christmas the Most Lucrative Time of the Year,

How The Dodo is using its animal stars to create new revenue streams,

BuzzFeed’s SponCon lets display advertisers request editorial content for their target audiences,

Using Animations Can Further Conversations With Consumers,

T-Mobile becomes the first carrier to offer nationwide 5G, rolls out holiday ad blitz,

Forbes Media acquires stock prediction tool to help diversify its revenues,

With over 10,000 paying subscribers, Stat News focuses on diversification,

Social Media Wrap

Facebook rejects ad of two men kissing to spread awareness on world-aids day,

Media historians, tech designers, science fiction writers, and activists on how and why "slow media" curated by humans should replace today's social media,

Facebook unveils photo transfer tool, letting users transfer their photos and videos directly to other services starting with Google Photos, starting in Ireland,

48% Of Young People Discover Nonprofits Via Social Media: Giving Tuesday Study,

‘Facebook support is like going to the DMV’: Confessions of a frustrated media buyer,

The rise of EduTube: how social media influencers are shaping universities,

Social Media And The Holiday Shopping Season,

Facebook Integrates WhatsApp Into Its Crisis Response Features,

Facebook, Social Media Week-backed coalition holds 'Empathy Week' in New York,

EU antitrust regulator launches preliminary investigations into how Google and Facebook gather, process, use, and monetize data for advertising purposes,

All In

Apostrophe society shuts down because 'ignorance and laziness have won',

Loudspeakers used to make dead coral reefs sound healthy, so fish flock to them,

The rise of solar is jeopardising the grid and it's a lesson for Australia,

Andrew Yang's Support Doesn't Have Landlines or Answer Pollsters,

Now even the FBI is warning about your smart TV’s security,

Canadian provinces band together to develop small nuclear reactors,

Huawei’s Undocumented APIs – A Backdoor to Reinstall Google Services,

The next generation of wall chargers,

Denmark-based Astralis, the world's top Counter-Strike team, plans a December 9 IPO on Nasdaq Nordic's Copenhagen exchange for SMBs, hopes to raise $18M-22M,