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Global Marketing Wrap

Dentsu's Global Chief Executive to Resign After Overworked Employee Committed Suicide,

Emotional Abuse Is Hiding in These Clever Ads That Say Different Things at Different Angles,

The Top Three Data Trends of 2016,

How Waterford Keeps the Final 10 Seconds of Each Year Fresh With the New Year's Eve Ball,

Why Autonomous Cars Won't Pave the Road for Advertisers,

VW Buys Mobile-Payment Provider,

Why Beijing Probably Won't Punish U.S. Automakers for Trump's Sins,

IAB Advertising Report Finds Marketers Can't Stop Spending On Digital,

Aww! Woo! Ha! Brands' Most Engaging YouTube Videos of 2016,

What Lisa Mann's Hiring Means for PepsiCo's Health Strategy,

Social Media Wrap

Germany Considers Fining Facebook $522,000 per Fake News Item,

The Top 50 Must-Follow #SportsBiz Twitter Accounts Of 2016,

In Celebration of Carrie Fisher, Legendary Twitter Sh*tposter,

Twitter users know the real reason Trump Tower was evacuated,

Posting pictures of your kids on Facebook? Think twice.,

Facebook & Google dominate the list of 2016’s top apps,

Here are all the times Facebook tried to stomp out Snapchat in 2016,

Recruits Say Tennessee Has the Most Annoying Fans on Social Media,

Trump's Twitter Use as President Will Be 'Very Exciting,' Sean Spicer Says,

Why I’m Quitting Facebook,

All In

Urban Dictionary: Linux,

Norwegian airlines to offer $69 Transatlantic flights,

Watch a Tesla predict a car crash 2 vehicles ahead,

Child uses sleeping mom's thumbprint to buy $250 worth of Pokémon toys,

Watch Tesla's Autopilot Brake for a Crash Before It Even Happens,

An American airline wins the right to weigh passengers on its Samoan route,

Russian Sports Officials Admit to Systematic Doping Effort,

It’s a-me: How Super Mario became a global cultural icon,

Carrie Fisher Drowned in Moonlight, Strangled By Her Own Bra,

If a city is designed for cars, it fails everyone, including drivers,

With Cyanogen dead, Google's control over Android is tighter than ever,