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Sonos Move review: loud and full sound that is great indoors or out, reliable wireless connectivity, but too big and heavy for travel, significant setup bugs,

In Pakistan's warming mountains, farmers fish for a new living,

Aliro comes out of stealth with $2.7M to ‘democratize’ quantum computing with developer tools,

As Google develops more powerful AI and proliferates it across the tech world, its real-world ethical ramifications become more consequential and murky,

Chinese firms are driving the rise of AI surveillance across Africa,

Salesforce brings AI power to its search tool,

India bans e-cigarettes citing youth health concerns,


Report: ~75 countries are using AI for surveillance and Huawei is providing surveillance tech in 50 countries, far more than its nearest competitor Hikvision,

Clever New DDoS Attack Gets a Lot of Bang for a Hacker's Buck,

Sonos Move Review: The King of Wi-Fi Speakers Adds Bluetooth,

Amazon is bringing a cash-based checkout option, Amazon PayCode, to the U.S.,

Documents reveal how Russia taps phone companies for surveillance,

The portable $399 Sonos Move is like having two great speakers in one,

To Do Better Work, Change Your Environment,

Podcast app Pocket Casts is now available for free, with an optional $0.99 subscription,

Facebook to launch new Portal smart displays in Europe,

Facebook confirms it was collecting Portal audio clips, some of which were transcribed by contractors, says 2nd-gen Portal devices will offer an opt-out option,

What Really Brought Down the Boeing 737 Max?,

Announcing Yugabyte DB 2.0 GA: Jepsen Tested, High-Performance Distributed SQL,

Anatomy of a Coyote,

Philips 43-inch 4K UHD Smart TV on sale for under £450 on Amazon,

Facebook unveils 2nd-gen $10-inch Portal for $179, and 8-inch Portal Mini for $129, with WhatsApp call support, picture-in-picture viewing, and Prime Video,

Whole Foods Will Cut Health-Care Benefits for Nearly 2k Employees,

The oil field attacks could cost Saudi Arabia hundreds of millions of dollars per day,