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Mining Social Media,

Sources: digital bank Chime raises $500M Series E at a $5.8B valuation led by DST Global, just nine months after its Series D which valued Chime at $1.5B,

How South African Airways ended up in bankruptcy protection,

Kanagawa government hard disks swiped, sold online,

The eleven nations of the United States and their cultures,

One region has become a key battleground in the UK’s general election,

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Fake ‘Likes’ Remain Just a Few Dollars Away, Researchers Say,

With just two movies a day, MUBI is trying not to overwhelm Indian cinephiles,

Sources: Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a 108MP sensor, an ultrawide-angle lens, 5x optical zoom, and time-of-flight sensor for depth detection,

What is an Operating System? A historical investigation (1954–1964),

Uber drivers experienced sexual assault almost as often as riders, Uber's safety study shows,