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SuperData: revenue from digital games rose to $110.7B in 2018, up 11% YoY, with mobile making $61.6B; the top free-to-play game was Fortnite, earning $2.4B,

Academic turns city into a social experiment (2004),

Yandex's Self-Driving CES Demo Comes Without a Human Backup,

Resolute Ventures sticks to its knitting with $75 million fourth fund,

No, you can’t hide a security camera into your Airbnb rental photos and call that 'disclosure',

How The SAFE Has Changed And It What It Means For Equity,

Rappers, sorted by the size of their vocabulary (Updated January 16, 2019),

Quotes for developers,

Here’s why Pelosi’s request to postpone Trump’s SOTU makes perfect sense,

Four dead Americans in Syria are a reminder that the US has no strategy there,

Machine Learning Music Composed by Fragments of 100s of Terabytes of Recordings,

MongoDB should not be part of a stable release,

Blockstream Satellite API: Pay with BTC via Lightning to Broadcast Data Globally,

On Technology: How Secrecy Fuels Facebook Paranoia,

Tech We’re Using: How to Sort Through a Cornucopia of Television Shows,

Pinterest is interviewing bankers — a sign that the IPO is finally happening,

Everything You Need to Know About Networking on AWS,

Filtered Dispatch (2008) [pdf],

Antibiotics Are Failing Us. Crispr Is Our Glimmer of Hope,

U.S. will reportedly seek criminal case against Huawei for stealing tech secrets,

Techstars announces Techstars Studio, a three-month accelerator program based in Colorado that plans to launch four of five startups in its first year,

Shutdown Will Be Worse for Economy Than First Thought, White House Says,

Tech Choices I Regret at Spectrum,

SpaceX opts for Texas over LA for Starship work,

The future of factory-made bread might be a lot tastier than you think,

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