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Ancient Egyptian coffins and mystery of ‘black goo’,

Light-field videos: Part I,

Indian banks won’t lower their guard amid Covid-19 despite the central bank’s insistence,

Hong Kong security chief warns of growing terrorism backing planned security law,

Pelorus Jack,

Beyond Remote,

List of all 5 AWS partitions (AWS, AWS-cn, AWS-us-gov, AWS-ISO, AWS-ISO-b),

Italy's $180B fashion industry is struggling,

Africa needs better economic integration, now more than ever,

H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act,

Work collaboration unicorn Notion is blocked in China,

Scientists baffled by decision to stop a pioneering coronavirus testing project,

A major reason for departures at Slack was “remote work request rejected”,

Software will eat software in a remote-first world,

Show HN: Use Your Inbox As A Google Reader Replacement,

ZkSNARKs Primer Part 1: What Are ZkSNARKs,

A massive database of 8 billion Thai internet records leaks,

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre is conducting a new review into the impact of allowing Huawei telecom equipment to be used in British 5G networks,

Removing old, obsolete dams restores life to creeks and streams,

Learn Genetics,

The Argument Against Quantum Computers and the Quantum Laws of Nature [pdf],

The digital design industry is changing,

A "new direction" in the struggle against rightward scrolling,

Inspirational Websites Roundup #15,

Figurative - A Figma app for iOS,