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How to Repeat Text as a Background Image in CSS Using element(),

Four Definitions of Design,

Styling Scrollbars with CSS: The Modern Way to Style Scrollbars,

Making the Best of Any Situation,

AppBrain: Google Classroom, which wasn't in the top 100 most popular apps in the Play Store at the start of March, surpasses 50M installs, joins top 5 in the US,

Who's Freezing Hiring from Coronavirus,

Declarative Configuration for Gmail Filters,

New Nissan Logo joins the flat design party,

JITs Are Un-Ergonomic,

Japan set to ban entry from the U.S. as early as next week,

California once had mobile hospitals, ventilator stockpile but dismantled them,

Detroit Auto Show canceled in preparation for FEMA to turn venue into field hospital,

National Emergency Library – Free 1.4M ebooks,

I had to build a web scraper to buy groceries,

Booz Allen report details 200+ cyber operations by Russia's GRU between 2004 and 2019, shows attack patterns can be predicted based on Russian military doctrine,

Wearing masks is as much about protecting others as yourself,

An international comparison of the second derivative of Covid-19 deaths [pdf],

Two Minute Papers: Everybody Can Make DeepFakes Now,

Building a Raspberry Pi GPS Speedometer,

Maltego – open-source intelligence and graphical link analysis tool,

CVE-2020-8816: Pi-hole Remote Code Execution,

★ Curse Words,

NYC Subway Turnstile Data,

A Practical Guide to Memory Leaks in Node.js,

The EARN IT Bill Is the Government’s Plan to Scan Every Message Online,