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Twitter, TikTok Have Held Preliminary Talks About Possible Combination,

TikTok to Sue Trump Administration over Ban, as Soon as Tuesday,

TikTok reportedly set to sue Trump administration over ban,

Inside the efforts to sell TikTok as Trump keeps sending contradictory signals, amid shouting matches between Mnuchin and Navarro in the Oval Office,

Facebook removes QAnon conspiracy group with 200k members,

Source: TikTok will sue the Trump administration over the executive order banning the service, as soon as Tuesday,

TikTok Reportedly Plans To Sue Trump Administration Over Ban As Soon As Tuesday,

Companies like Facebook and Twitter, which have positioned themselves as the new public square, should absolutely be questioned on their role in cancel culture,

Building Kind Social Networks (2018),

Banning TikTok suggests that the US no longer believes in a global internet,

Riding The Wave Of Social Commerce, MeSpoke Rewards Consumers For Sharing,

Interview with Color of Change leader Rashad Robinson on the Facebook ad boycott, meeting with Zuckerberg, working with the company, and more,

How Many Copycat Apps Can Instagram Fit Under Its Umbrella?,

Can Trump ban TikTok? What the executive order means – explained,

Intelligence agencies don't see TikTok as a major security issue, see the claimed risks as largely theoretical, and view companies like Huawei as larger threats,

Alcohol as a social technology to check the trustworthiness of others,

Facebook Gaming, Minus the Gaming, Debuts on iOS,