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March 2019 Top Links

Following on from my 2018 Year In Review, I thought it would be good to look at top ranking links over the pervious month to see what I missed out on reading (and catch up). Top links are calculated by scraping both Facebook and Twitter to derive a “share count”.

  1. Norway Becomes World’s First Country to Ban Deforestation,
  2. Italy bans unvaccinated children from school,
  3. Middle School Misfortunes Then and Now, One Teacher’s Take,
  4. Facebook says it will ban white nationalist and white separatist content, pointing users to nonprofits, after initially only banning white supremacist content,
  5. Morgan Freeman Converts His 124-Acre Ranch into a Giant Bee Sanctuary,
  6. The Brain Is Not a Computer,
  7. HIV Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient,
  8. Germany to make it a crime to run a Tor node/website,
  9. How Inuit Parents Teach Kids to Control Their Anger,
  10. Our Culture of Contempt,

I’m going to go back and look at January and February as well and backdate the posts.

Friday April 19th, 2019